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How to Get Your Baby to Sleep When You're Away from Home


Many parents struggle trying to figure out how to get the baby to sleep when they're not at home. There is no easy answer to the question, but there are a few things you can try that may help you enjoy that vacation or time with relatives.

Daytime Schedule

Don't wait until bedtime to think about how to get your child to sleep. Start in the morning and plan your day in keeping with your normal schedule as much as possible. Keeping the baby's feeding schedule and nap time the same will help ensure she is sleepy at bedtime and does not develop stomach problems that prevent sleep.

Bedtime Routine

Take along any items that your baby is used to. If your baby normally falls asleep with music playing, then make sure you take along a CD player or radio. Place her favorite blankets or toys close by so she feels as if she's at home. Babies like routine, and keeping their bedtime routine the same will bring them comfort and help them fall asleep.

Warm Bath

This is really nothing new. A warm bath with a sprinkle of lavender will relax your baby and get her ready for sleep. Vacations and family visits can be a little too exciting for a baby, and a warm bath will help her relax and fall asleep. Take along your favorite bath wash and lotion to use for comfort also.

Portable Playpen

Most parents take along a portable playpen that folds up and is easy to open and use. If you begin using this playpen for naps in the weeks prior to your vacation, your baby will be accustomed to it and more likely to sleep. Prepare your baby for a new sleep environment before you leave so that the transition is not so difficult.

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