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How to Get a Job in Legal Coding

Legal coders are highly sought after by law firms. Starting your career and training isn't as difficult as you might think.

Legal coding is the process of parsing out the important keywords and elements in a document. It is a critical service that is required by law firms and other companies that make use of legal documents, as it allows for a rapid search of a large document through particular keywords, phrases or concepts. The process of coding a document requires only a computer and access to the document, and for this reason, there are many people who work as legal coders at home. Read on for a brief guide on how to find coding training and a job in this field as a work-at-home mom.

Step 1: Acquire Training

Although it's possible to get a job as a legal coder without any prior experience or education in the field, your job prospects and opportunities will increase significantly if you have the proper training. Thus, the best way to go about starting the process of getting a legal coding job is to acquire training. Look to local schooling programs for legal coding training classes. You can also find online courses on how to conduct legal coding as well. Shop around for the best training program for you, and be sure that it is a legitimate and recognized program.

Step 2: Put Together a Resume

Once you have the training necessary to be a legal coder, you're ready to begin your job search. However, in order to do that, you'll have to have a resume that indicates your experience as a coder and your skills and abilities that are appropriate for the job. When writing up a resume, consider any and all experience and educational training that you have that will help your cause. Include professional references and character references as well; many legal companies will require that employees have strong character references before hiring them.

Step 3: Find Job Listings

Next, it's important to find job listings. There are many legal coding jobs offered through websites that aggregate job listings, and this is a good place to begin. You can also try contacting individual law firms and law offices directly to inquire about job openings as a legal coder. Sites like Craigslist, Monster and Career Builder are great places to start your search.

Step 4: Submit an Application and Prepare to Interview

When you find suitable job listings, follow all application instructions as carefully as possible and then submit an application. Be prepared to engage in a follow-up interview for the position and to present work that you've done previously as a coder. You may also be required to complete a sample coding of a document or multiple documents in order to demonstrate your abilities, so it's helpful to have your computer and any other equipment that you'll need handy when you apply. Be sure to address any questions or additional application materials that are provided to you promptly and in a professional manner.

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