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How to Get a Job as a Work-from-Home Copywriter


Putting your writing talents to work as a work-from-home copywriter can allow you to have the best of both worlds: you can be home with your family and have a flexible schedule (while being able to earn a paycheck doing what you do best--writing). You have the talent and the background, but how do you score the job?

Create a Portfolio

You'll need to have quick access to work that you can show prospective employers. Create a comprehensive portfolio that includes work you've done in a variety of mediums such as press releases, sales brochures, promotional campaign writing, news articles, SEO writing, business plan and white paper creation. If your background revolves around a specific industry, highlight your best work that makes your writing shine in that industry. For example, if you have years of medical writing experience, be sure you show your medical promotional campaigns, article writing and SEO medical writing first.

Easy Access to Portfolio

Create an old school, paper portfolio of your actual work, but you should also have a website that allows clients to peruse your work. Develop a sales oriented site that is keyword rich, so that you can use it as a sales tool for general Internet keyword searches, but also as a link you can send to prospective employers. A website gives them fast access to the library of your work, which can help you land the job faster than the competition. If most of your work isn't created electronically, have it professionally photographed and uploaded to your site. Include a guest book and add your contact information to every page on your site.

General Job Search

Conduct work searches as you would any other traditional job. Scan places like Craig's List, WAHM and The Freelance Writing Jobs Network for gigs.  Because you want to work from home, look under the "gigs" section first and check that the company will allow you to telecommute. You can also send your website and letter of inquiry to various advertising agencies. 

Specific Industry Search

If you've built a database of knowledge in one specific area of writing, hit that industry hard. For example, if you've been writing about the banking industry, visit bank websites and check out the career page to see if they are looking for marketing experts. You could also obtain the name of the marketing director and send him an e-mail announcing your services and experience. Sometimes companies could use the help, but couldn't afford an additional employee.

Let the company know that your copywriting service would save them both time and money, because you can take the work off of their shoulders, work on a project by project or a contract base, and won't require additional expensive corporate benefits.

Getting a job as an at home copywriter takes patience, digging and perseverance, but you can build a business using your experience, talent and determination.


Gina Ragusa is a freelance writer and mom from sunny (and sometimes not) South Florida. Her 15 year experience ranges from writing about banking to tattoo parlors. Read more about her adventures at

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