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How to Find Time for Your Husband While Balancing Work and Children


Many mothers find it difficult to balance work and children and still have time to nurture their relationship with their spouse. After working all day, shuttling your kids back and forth from their various activities and making sure your household runs smoothly, you might not feel like getting cozy on the couch with your husband. However, it's important that you set aside alone time for you and your hubby. Here are some simply and easy ways to give your partner the face time he deserves.

Establish Date Night

You and your husband spend so much time being mom and dad, it's easy to forget that you have a life apart from the one you share with your kids. Set aside a night each week to get out of house and act like a couple. Go out to dinner, catch a late movie or take a moonlight walk around the neighborhood. Try not to talk about the kids or household concerns. Remind each other why you got married in the first place and be the romantics that you can't be when you're surrounded by your children.

Do Chores and Household Projects Together

Maintaining a household is a huge responsibility. Chances are that as soon as the kids go to sleep, you're trying to pay bills or get a bit of cleaning done before you turn out the lights. Try tackling household projects that you can complete together. Do a load of laundry and fold it while you're watching your favorite movie or television show. Create opportunities to catch up while you're washing the dishes or putting together the new entertainment center. Working as a team will allow to you accomplish more and help you spend more quality time together.

Set Up A Mailbox

Communication is the key to any successful marriage. However, it may be difficult to find the time to have a heart to heart in the middle of meal time. Set up a little mailbox for each other at the front of the doorway. During the day think of one positive thing that you want to share with your spouse and write it on a piece of paper. When you get home from work, put the thought in the mailbox. At the end of the day when you're getting ready for bed, retrieve the messages from the mailbox and read them to one another. This will be a great way to connect with each other at the end of your day.

Eat Breakfast Together

Mornings are a hectic time for most families. Go to bed a little earlier so you and your husband can wake up before your kids. Share a couple of coffee and a bit of conversation before the rat race begins. Start your day off on the right foot.

Call or Email during the Day

Make a point to give your husband a quick call or shoot him a short email during the day. It doesn't have to be long or detailed, just give him a quick update and ask about his day. This will let him know that you're thinking about him while you're at the office.

Maintaining a relationship is difficult enough without the pressures of motherhood and work. Remember to make your marriage a priority and to spend some quality time with your husband each and everyday.

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