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How to Find the Best Birth Control Method for You


Finding an appropriate birth control method is an important process for every sexually active person who is not interested in contracting diseases or becoming pregnant. It's important to know what your different birth control options are so that you are best able to protect your health and avoid the other risks associated with sexual intercourse. The options will vary depending upon whether you are a man or a woman and on the types of sexual contact that you plan to have. Being informed and responsible about birth control helps to keep you healthy and to avoid pregnancies.

Do Research Online

The first thing that you should do if you're planning to have sexual contact is to investigate your options. Begin by performing basic research online to find out the current options that are available. Look for testimonies on official websites to see how the different methods compare with one another. Be sure to also compare the effectiveness of different methods and their ability to prevent diseases as well. These are all important factors to keep in mind when you're deciding on a birth control method for you.

Consult with Friends

Your friends who are sexually active and who are using birth control methods may be a good resource as well. Ask them about their experiences with different methods and what it was that brought them to the method that they currently use at this point. Be aware, however, that each person has different preferences, and what may be best for a good friend of yours may not be best for you and your partner as well.

Speak with a Doctor

A doctor is one of the best resources that you have for choosing an appropriate and safe method of birth control. Doctors can tell you all about the various benefits and disadvantages of different types of birth control. They can also help to ensure that you know how to use each method in a safe and effective way. If you plan to be sexually active, it's important that you have regular examination by a doctor in order to ensure that your body is healthy and that you don't have any sexually transmitted diseases, or that you're able to deal with the conditions that you do have properly.

Visit a Planned Parenthood Center

Planned Parenthood is a national organization that provides information about birth control methods and birth control products. This is a great source of information if you're still having a difficult time making up your mind. Representatives at Planned Parenthood can also provide details of the costs of various types of birth control, which may be an important factor in your decision.

Sample Different Types

The best way to determine which form of birth control works best for you is to try different types. Make sure that you use each type in the proper way so as to prevent disease and pregnancy.

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