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How to Find Telecommute Friendly Companies


There are many companies that allow you to telecommute to work if desired, and are able to still provide you with all the benefits of a regular full time job. There are several benefits to telecommuting for work, as opposed to physically being at an office. You will not be spending gas on getting there, and you will save your car the regular wear and tear. As a WAHM, you'll be able to simultaneously care for your children and bring home a paycheck.

Ask Your Current Employer

If you already work for a company and wish to telecommute, a good first step is to simply ask if this is something that they would consider. Sometimes, just allowing the company to see you in action, along with a good argument as to how you are able to save company time and dollars by telecommuting is all it takes.

Put together a solid argument as to why your telecommuting would be beneficial to the company. You could argue that they will have more cubicle space for other people, that you will be able to accomplish more from home since there would be fewer distractions, that you would be able to work more hours when you would normally have been driving, that you won't be consuming company resources, etc. If you have limited interaction with other people at your current job, there's not much reason why you shouldn't be able to work from home.

If telecommuting is not an option with your current employer, you may need to look for a new job. Keep your original job until you've landed a steady job which allows you to telecommute.

Traits of Telecommute-Friendly Companies

The most common telecommuting jobs may be found in IT, networking, digital art and web design, writing, or any other job which allows you to do your work and communicate almost entirely online. Consider your skills and talents and decide which telecommute-friendly job or jobs would suit you best.

Finding Jobs

Once you know what kinds of jobs you're looking for, you can use the Internet (and the WAHM website)  to find jobs with companies that will allow you to telecommute. CraigsList is also a good place to begin, in either the "Gigs" or the "Jobs" section. Since telecommuting companies generally don't care where you live in relation to the company, feel free to browse the listings for cities across the country, and not just your own. You should also browse and post to sites like and to start finding job openings which will allow you to work from home.

Another way to find telecommuting jobs is to network, and this can be done through anyone you know, whether it's a family member, friend, etc. Also, be sure to network with other WAHMs, and take advantage of every opportunity you have. While you're cheering on little Tommy at his soccer games, try to strike up conversations with other moms and find out what line of work they're in. Many other moms work from home, and the easiest way to get a job lead is through someone you know.

Getting a job with a telecommute-friendly company can be challenging, but once you have the job, you are sure to enjoy working from home with all the benefits that entails.

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