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How to Find Customers for Your Candle Making Business


A candle making business is a fun way to let your artistic side shine through, but it's easy to get discouraged and to run out of money if you can't find any customers. If you want to get your candle making business off the ground, try some of these methods to find you customers so you can start making some profits.

Online Marketing

The Internet offers all kinds of ways to market your products, and is useful to find customers across the globe and not just in your community. Join online sales sites like Etsy, Ebay or even Amazon (and be sure to adjust your prices to reflect any fees they may charge). You can set up your own website so customers can find you more easily, and make sure it is optimized for search engines. Social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook can also help you interact with potential customers, while PPC advertising allows you to find people interested in your candles.

Community Advertising

You can save on shipping costs and build a more solid network of customers if you dedicate some focus to advertising within your community. Simple home-printed flyers can be effective to place around local businesses, as long as you make sure you get permission first. You can also ask if you can set up displays, or even inquire as to whether businesses would be willing to stock your candles so you can wholesale as many as you want.


Offering some candles for free can help bring you business which will outweigh the cost of those freebies. Stay aware of any local events which may welcome the gift of some candles - for example, holiday gatherings or fancy dinners. Contact the director and ask if they would be willing to give your business a plug in exchange for supplying all the candles they need for the event. If they accept, make sure your candles have some type of marking, like a sticker on the outside of the jar with your website URL, which will allow the attendees to trace the candles back to your business.

Introductory Offers

When people look for candles, there are a lot of different brands to choose from, and they usually will not have any immediate reason to choose yours over any others. Competitive pricing will help, but you can really make yourself stand out by offering special deals. You could give a discount to first-time customers, hold holiday specials, or create clearance events for your older stock. A bit of financial incentive goes a long way when it comes to finding customers.

There are many ways to promote your candle making business, and these are only a few. If you want to find customers, any of these ideas makes a great place to start.

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