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How to Find Customers for Your Bookkeeping Business


There are customers for your bookkeeping business all around you. Many individuals, families and businesses need help entering their income and expenses, as well as making sure that bills and vendors get paid. Here's how you can find customers to build your business:

Ask Your Former Employer

Did you leave your former employment on a good note? If so, take the opportunity to let them know that you own and operate your own bookkeeping business, and ask whether you can serve them in any way. Someone is doing the books for the company, whether it's the boss, another employee or another bookkeeping business. That doesn't mean your services aren't needed. You could be a backup, or perhaps the current arrangement or employee is not working out. If they don't need your services at the moment, ask for a referral to another business that might.

Ask your employer if they wouldn't mind giving that person a call to let them know that you'll be calling soon. Leave your business card with them, and follow up in three months to see if the circumstances have changed and whether your former employer needs your services.

Join Business Associations

If your target audience is entrepreneurs and small businesses, you need to have a presence in relevant business associations. These include your local chamber of commerce, and groups that cater to specific segments of small businesses. However, don't just pay a fee to become a member. Find ways to get known.

Take advantage of promotions offered by the organizations, as long as it's affordable and proves to yield results. For example, if the group is offering members the opportunity to print a one-page flyer to include in mailing to all other members, make sure you include yours. If the group puts on a small trade show for the general public, purchase a booth to market to the general public, as well as to your fellow business members.

Join Social Clubs and Groups

Perhaps the target of your bookkeeping business is not just small businesses, but individuals and families. You can find customers in all three by joining social groups and clubs that target these groups. For example, your local quilting club may have the customers you're looking for. People will get to know you and ask you what you do at some point, and you'll have opportunities to build relationships and find customers. Those group members can also serve as lead generators and refer you to their contacts. It's important to join a group or club that you're interested in, otherwise you'll get bored and waste your time. You also don't want to be perceived as someone trying to take advantage of the group or club strictly for you own benefit.

Find Customers Online

You can duplicate nearly all of the methods mentioned above for finding customers online as well. Get involved in forums, blogs, membership websites, social clubs and groups online. Become active and leave expert comments wherever you can. This will generate curiosity about you and your business, which will lead to more customers.

Once you find your first few customers, do what you can to get repeat business from them. Also, ask them for referrals to other customers.


Daphne Mallory, Esq. is the co-owner of Mallory Writing Services and has written more than 100 articles helping home based business owners and entrepreneurs start and market their business. You can learn more about her here.

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