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How to Find Clients for Your Rubber Stamp Business


A rubber stamp business is easy to start from home. All you need is a small home office and a garage to make your rubber stamps in. The initial invest too is not very high. You need to buy products worth $500 at first and keep aside some money for advertising and self support until your business takes off.

Local Businesses

As all businesses use rubber stamps, first approach all the local businesses that you patronize and ask them for a sample order. They will be willing to oblige you. Make your product good and inexpensive so that you get repeat orders from them.

Use the Business Directory

Next, use the business directory to locate businesses in your area. Make cold calls and offer to make their rubber stamps for them. Offer a discount on your first batch. Leave flyers with them. You will soon be getting orders from them.

Service Providers

Service providers such as accountants, doctors, and lawyers too need rubber stamps. Again approach these offices and offer rubber stamps at a small discount. If your product is good, you will soon get regular orders from them.

Have a Rubber Stamp Party

Invite your neighborhood kids to a rubber stamp party and sell them decorative rubber stamps that you have already made. They will come up with repeat orders. Their parents too will soon contact you for rubber stamps for their home needs.

Tie Up with the Stationers

Have a business talk with your stationery shop and ask them to refer any enquiries for rubber stamps to you. Offer them a small commission for doing so. This too will generate a lot of business for you.

Do not Neglect the Net

Use the internet as an effective marketing and selling tool. Advertise your wares through a website. Have a pay button installed so that people can make their orders over the net. This way you will have a truly global customer base. The orders will just start to pour in and you will break even in no time.

Advertise in the Local Papers

Advertise in the local papers and sell your products to the local community that you live in. Place flyers in the newspapers and distribute them around your locality. Young children will be happy to do this for a small fee.

Social and Religious Institutions

Clubs, churches, other places of worship all require rubber stamps. Approach them with your discounted offer for the first sample and you will soon have them as part of your regular clientele.


Schools too need a plethora of rubber stamps. Offer to make some of these for a lower price and they will soon be placing bulk orders. Approach the school office for your orders.

Home Businesses

Any one who runs a home business will require rubber stamps. Look for ads in your local newspaper and cold call them, offering to make their rubber stamps for them.

By tapping all these sources of potential customers you should soon be able to have a strong customer base for your rubber stamp business. The trick is to deliver quality products each time so that you get repeat orders. Do not cut corners or give them shoddy work.

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