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How to Find Clients for Your Personal Financial Planning Business


One of the most critical parameters for judging the success of your personal financial planning enterprise is the number of loyal clients you manage to acquire through powerful networking and cutting-edge self-promotion skills. Here are a few ideas and tips to help you bag valuable customers and soar as a personal financial planner.

''Backdoor' Marketing

One of the most effective, convincing and credible marketing methods is to showcase your knowledge and expertise by holding regular seminars and events in your neighborhood. This is passive marketing at its best. You aren't aggressively pitching your stuff and the audience is impressed because they get value addition and expert information without any obligation (which ironically compels them to avail of your services). This is the best platform to meet people, to hobnob with potential clients and obtain references of interested customers from the audience in attendance.

You can whet your target market's appetite by sharing an interesting tip about planning their finances and leave the important bit for them to come up to you and engage your services. The events act like teasers to give your audience a preview of the exhaustive knowledge you possess and a sense of the panache with which you can tackle their finances for maximum gain.

Network with Family, Friends and Business Associates

This a surefire method of bagging a solid client base in the initial stages of the business when you haven't built your brand value and identity. Start with people in your circle of influence like family and close friends. It gives you the practice and confidence to take on business customers outside your social circle. You can take references from family members and friends about their friends and acquaintances who they think might need your services, and expand over a period of time. Professional associates can also be tapped for references and recommendations. The crux of the strategy is to exploit all your contacts and the contacts of your contacts as well.

Finding Clients on the Internet

The Internet is one of the best places to reach clients located in diverse geographical areas. You can register for a pay per click advertising program like Google Adwords that will display your ads on the search engine pages when people are seeking relevant information. The best part about these programs is you have to pay the ad hosting site only when your ad generates some response. You can also make your presence felt in specialized forums and community discussion boards. Trigger smart discussions that help showcase your expertise and offer a few tips and ideas to people as a marketing strategy.

You can set up a free information and discussion blog and list down the services you offer in it. Build a strong business profile in social networking sites and be active in the discussion threads of various communities in them. Proactively contact people in these sites to let them know of your services. Sites like Facebook and Twitter are very popular for creating business profiles. Comment on other popular financial topical blogs and link back to your website/blog to gather more traffic and clients.

Writing knowledgeable and informative articles another great way to market your business credibly and gather some good clients on the internet. Sites like and will put up your articles on the site for free and allow you to offer information about your profile, company and services offered in an author resource box at the end of the article. These articles will regularly show up on search engines when people look for pertinent information, thus giving you the much needed exposure.

Though finding clients for your personal financial planning can be challenging in the initial stages of your business, a cohesive promotion plan can be a highly rewarding and financially productive platform for building a strong enterprise.

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