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How to Find Clients for Your Coupon Business


You have decided to work from home and zeroed in on the coupon business as your area of operation. You have a business plan ready and now want to find clients for your coupon business. Here are some super tips on looking out for clients and turning them into regulars.

Contact Local Businesses

First contact all your local businesses. Visit your grocer and car mechanic as well as your stationer and bookseller. If they remember you, use that as your opening approach. Sell them your proposition about the coupon business. Tell them how much you value the services they provide in the neighborhood. As far as possible ask them to give a discount on the service they provide - for example your mechanic can throw in a discounted car wash - rather than a discount on goods. You can tell them that you will not be including coupons of their rivals in the book. This in itself will be a big hit. Think of all the services you use in a week or month and make a list of the service providers. Contact all of them with your coupon proposition. Explain how this will help draw more customers to their stores and outlets.

Contact National Retailers

Next, contact the big national retailers and offer them you coupon proposition. Here, their customers should be able to print coupons off your site from the Internet

Market Your Coupons

Make a deal with the stores that advertise through your coupons to stock your coupons in their stores. You can give them a small fee for selling your coupons for you.

Use Flyers

Use flyers and ads in local newspapers and newsletters to sell your coupons to potential customers. Tell them how much they can save if they buy your book of coupons. This will help them to make up their minds in a manner positive to your business.

Use Different Sales Pitches

In the coupon business you have two sets of clients - one the stores and the other the purchasers of products. Your marketing pitch for each has to be different for you to succeed in the coupon business. Tell the stores the benefits they will have from an increased footfall into their store. Tell their customers how much they can save by using the coupons.

You need to believe in the concept of coupons and how it will benefit both the stores and their customers by promoting new services and enhancing old ones. This will help you to sell the coupons more effectively. Use word of mouth coverage to sell your coupons once they are printed. Ensure that you select stores and services that are good, so that people clamor for your coupons. Also, stores will like to be included in your coupon book as a benchmark. This too will quickly build up your sales volume.

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