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How to Explore Multiple Passions in One Job

Here's how to explore multiple passions in one job.

You live and breathe teaching. But you are also an amazing baker, too. The beauty of humanity is that we are not just one thing; we are many talents rolled into one. So naturally, you’d like to have a job where you can exercise all the parts of your personality. Don’t settle on just one type of job that doesn’t tap into your other passions. Here’s how to explore multiple passions in one job.

Narrow it down.

Sure, by day you’re a QuickBooks maven, but you also love painting, and pottery, and planting, too. While it’s good to have many interests, it’s not practical to think that one job is going to encompass everything that you like to do. So sit down and figure out what are your absolute favorite things to do. Not sure how to narrow down the list? Ask yourself this question: What would I like to do, even if I weren’t paid for it? The subjects that come to mind are your passions, and those should be the ones you try to incorporate into your daily life. Limit it to about three areas of interest.

Look for a company, not a job.

A job posting is just that, a job. But when you take a step back and look at the company that is doing the hiring, you might discover that they like to hire multi-faceted people who can do many things. Sure, you want to work from home, but ultimately you need to find an organization that is going to appreciate (and utilize) your skills, not try to stifle them.

Pursue your passions.

Let’s say that you’re already gainfully employed. You like your job, but really, you’d rather have a position that touches on more things that you love, like your passion for photography. Instead of sulking in your home office, hoping that your boss will one day notice your superior skills on Instagram, let him know! Figure out if there’s a way that you can incorporate your talents in other areas of your job. If not, you can pitch a project that aligns with what you’re already doing but also includes your talents, too!

Be realistic.

You may have a flexible job as a graphic designer, and that’s all that you do, day in and day out. If you’ve surveyed the landscape of your company and realized that there really is no room for you to stretch the boundaries of your position, it may be time to look for a new work-from-home job. While you may never have one position that encompasses everything that you love, there are certainly an abundance of jobs (and bosses) who would be glad to have all of your talents, determination, and most of all, passion for your job.

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