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How to Expand Your Skill Set as a WAHM

Flexibility is key for mothers who are trying to manager their family while looking to upgrade their skill set. Ducere's program offers mothers the right tool to achieve their goals amidst a hectic lifestyle.

Finding a balance between work and family is a challenging endeavor for any working mother. Finding additional time to pursue an education on top of these obligations is near impossible. Ducere recognizes the challenges working mothers face and is committed to offering innovative and flexible education options that allows mothers to achieve their educational and professional goals.

With this commitment in mind, Ducere is fast becoming the business education provider of choice for mothers. With flexible courses delivered online and real industry experience passed on by some of the world’s best leaders, Ducere is the perfect fit for someone who wants to upgrade their skills while they manage a family. With full flexibility in how and when study is undertaken, moms can ensure family stays first priority. This alongside the ability to dictate assignment topics on their own interests and passions, as well as the ability to start or grow their own business as they study, Ducere programs really do provide the opportunities for moms to be the best they can. Even better, all Ducere qualifications are all delivered and accredited with some of the world’s most respected College and University institutions.

We chatted with two mothers, Paige Tracey and Lisa Johannson, about their life-changing experiences studying with Ducere.

Paige Tracey set a new record for completions at Ducere while juggling four young children. Having graduated with a Diploma of Business, Paige is excited by the self-growth she achieved during her course.

“I’ve felt like I can expand myself and push myself out of my comfort zone. I’m actively growing everyday and Ducere gave me that foundation. Before I started, you couldn’t say I was more under the pump, and yet I’ve been told that I’m the fastest person to ever finish the course.”

Paige managed to achieve this through dedicating her spare time to completing the course in small units.

“I would fit in the reading of the content in the spare time that I had. I might be waiting for a child, or on the train with my phone, or doing a bit before dinner.”

In terms of course content, Paige was inspired by the Global Leaders Faculty, comprising over 250 of the world’s best leaders including esteemed individuals such as Prof. Robert S. Kaplan, Professor at Harvard Business School, and former Australian Prime Minister (and Ducere Chancellor) The Hon. Ms. Julia Gillard.

“As the course progressed, I really saw what strategies they put in place to get the successes that they’ve had. What naturally happened was that I was inspired to take bolder steps in my life.”

She firmly believes that a Ducere course is something that anyone can do, provided they have the right mindset.

“I would say to people, if they’re thinking about doing a Ducere course, then I believe it can work in with any lifestyle.”

This was certainly true for Diploma of Business Administration graduate, Lisa Johansson, who is looking forward to what the future holds after completing her course. As a mother of two young girls, who she describes as her “inspiration”, Lisa is now hoping to take the next step in her career.

“I have learnt a lot from my course and I hope to be more professional at my current position as team leader.”

A typical day for Lisa while she was studying involved looking after her “two blossoms”, enjoying family life or heading into work. She would then fit her study commitments around her busy lifestyle.

Our programs offer the flexibility required for mothers such as Paige and Lisa to achieve their goals amidst a hectic lifestyle. Whether you are looking to grow your current business or learn the skills necessary to enter a new one, there is a Ducere program that is right for you. Additionally, there’s a Ducere course for any level of experience, regardless of your academic background or work history. Ducere’s courses also feature a complete academic pathway into business, from Business Degrees in Entrepreneurship all the way through to a flexible MBA working with Ducere’s industry partners, including and Save the Children.

We are currently accepting applications for all programs for US students and can also offer flexible payment options and amazing scholarship opportunities for a limited time. For more information on start dates, application process, programs, or any other questions you may have please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] or visit us at

This article was sponsored by Ducere.

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