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How to Expand Your Dropshipping Business


If you have decided to take steps to grow your dropshipping business, there are some things you can do to get started right away. Some ways to expand have some expense associated with them; some simply take some creativity and time. No matter what ways you decide to go with to expand your dropshipping business, you can expect your business to grow if you do it right.

Expand Your Product List

One simple way to expand your dropshipping business is to expand your product availability list. By adding more items to sell and ship, you are opening the door to attracting new customers and new demand. New products, new customers and new demand equal more money.

Develop a Marketing Plan

Before you even start a business, you should have a marketing plan in order. This means planning how you will meet your customers' needs in the most efficient and friendly way, how you will advertise your business, who you will sell to and the method you will use, as well as creating a business name and logo, if necessary.

You should also have business cards available to hand out whenever you possibly can. Leave your dropshipping business card on community boards, at local business meetings, and give them to your friends to hand out as well.


Part of your business marketing plan should include a plan for advertising. You want customers to be able to find you so they can buy your product or use your dropshipping service. Be creative in your advertising endeavors.

Some advertising ideas are link trades; have another small business provide a link to your business and you do the same for them. Use Google Ads, Craig's List or some of the other countless online resources. Develop a business website that lists clear information about your business services and products.


Every business owner should spend quality time networking. You can do this by attending local business association meetings, by introducing yourself to other local businesses that may need your services and by utilizing the Internet.

Networking on the Internet is a necessity in the current world of business. You can do this in many ways. For one, you can and should have a website devoted to the sole purpose of your business. Your website should include all the pertinent information that a potential customer would want to know.

You can also use Facebook, LinkedIn or other networking sites to your advantage. Be sure to list your business, your services and your products on any site you decide to use. Connecting with other small businesses similar to your own is another way to learn and grow, as well as to refer to and get referrals from. There are many tools and ideas available on eBay that you can use as well, and they are free.

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