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How to Deal with Your Partner's Low Sex Drive

Sex issues are commonly addressed in current culture, and having a low sex drive has become commonplace for both men and women given the challenges that people face every day. Here is how you can deal with your partner's low sex drive:

Step 1: Understand the Reasons for a Low Sex Drive

The reasons for low sex drive are many. Lack of sexual interest can be due to both psychological problems, physical issues or a combination of both. Physical factors such as illness, stress, hormonal imbalances, drugs, alcohol and lack of sleep can all contribute to a low sex drive and other sex issues. Relationship balance issues, prior sexual, emotional or childhood abuse, work or career stress, family problems and latent homosexuality can all be contributors to sex issues in general, which can translate to a low sex drive.

Step 2: Discuss Your Concerns

Find out how your partner is feeling. The first step to fixing a low sex drive is communication. There could some life challenges that need to be addressed, like work stress that is distracting. There can sometimes be underlying issues that are not obvious. For example, perhaps there is something that you can help with, either physically, emotionally or spiritually. Find ways to help your partner relax. If he is over-worked, he may need more rest. Arrange to make him comfortable before broaching the subject of low sex drive concerns.

Step 3: Spend More Time Together

In order to determine the cause of your partner's low sex drive, you will eventually need to discuss how you feel. Find a way to have more time together. Go on dates. Create more time for each other. Figure out ways to manage your time better. Arrange to meet your partner after work if possible. Organize your time so that at least once weekly, there is an activity that just involves the two of you.

Step 4: Discuss Financial Issues

If your family is struggling financially, perhaps the focus should first be on rectifying that situation. If there is a work issue, like low pay or job dissatisfaction, see about assisting to change that. Perhaps it is time to find a different job or find other ways to increase income. Start a new business or take classes together. Most everyone has a dream. If you're both not living yours, this could be a factor for low sex drive.

Step 5: See the Doctor

If everything else seems to be going well, see your doctor. Have regular checkups which can detect early signs of illnesses and other health conditions that can interfere with sex drive and cause it to be low. Talk to your doctor about your concerns. He will perform physical tests to be certain that your partner's low sex drive is not due to a physical malady of some kind.

Step 6: Get Counseling

If the doctor has determined that nothing is wrong physically, consider seeing a family or sex counselor. Visit a community family health center to find out about counseling services. There are many cities that offer free services for families in crisis, including health issues. Be honest with the health professional about your concerns and the state of your relationship. Sometimes all you need is a little direction to get into better communication.

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