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How to Convince Your Boss You're Working From Home

Prove to your boss and colleagues that your work-at-home time is productive through consistent communication - whether through emails, calls, or showing up at the office from time to time.
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You’re clocking in long hours from your home office. But you have the feeling that your in-office colleagues—or worse, your boss—feel that you might be watching The Real Housewives of New Jersey when you should really be conversing with clients instead. Here are some ways to “prove” that when you’re working from home, you’re actually, well, working.

Check in with your office. Even though you may be working remotely, you can still make your professional presence known. Reach out to your colleagues with questions and status updates to your boss. Offer to help with a project or give your opinion on the new designs. It also helps foster a more personal relationship among your peers and positions you as a team player.

Respond to emails—fast. If your boss sends you an urgent email that you don’t reply to for over an hour, it’s going to make her wonder where you were—and what you were doing—all that time. So be sure to answer emails in a timely fashion, just as if you were in the office next to hers.

Skype your meetings. One of the perks of flex is that you can work from anywhere—like the beach. But just because you can doesn’t mean you should. Scheduling Skype meetings—and conducting them from your home office—shows that you are truly working from home.

Get your work done on time. By far the easiest way to prove you’re working from home is to actually work. So hand in assignments on time and answer follow up questions from your boss. If your workload is not already overwhelming you, you can always offer to pitch in on certain projects.

Drop in to the office. If you work somewhat nearby your office, you can offer to come in from time to time. This face-to-face contact can help strengthen work ties and shows that you’re dedicated to your job, especially if coming in to the office is not part of your regular schedule.

Share your schedule. When you telecommute, you need to be open about what you’re doing—and when. So post your daily plans for all to see on Google Calendar and share access with your boss and immediate colleagues. That way, they will be able to see that you are truly working.

It’s easy to show that you are working from home. Use these tips and there will never be a doubt in your boss’ mind about how busy—and productive—you are as an employee.

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