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How to Choose the Best Baby Bottle for Your Household


Finding the best baby bottle is as important as finding the right milk formula for your newborn. The first baby bottles and nipples were designed to mimic breastfeeding; the basic design of these bottles are shaped to resemble a mother's breast while being pliable at the same time. Today, more features are added to the basic design such as features that help prevent babies take too much air while bottle feeding. Green parenting tips on how to choose the right baby bottle for your household are listed below.

Take It Slow

While preparing for the newborn to arrive, many would-be parents have the tendency to buy and hoard dozens of baby bottles. You have to keep in mind that a baby's preferences will change as she moves along, and you might just end up throwing all those bottles away. If you want to prepare beforehand, you can buy one or two bottles from each type or certain brand.

Nipple Matters

As a new parent, you have to understand that nipples are designed to ensure continuous flow of milk in a slow, medium or fast manner. Slow nipples are appropriate for kids who are just starting to feed or be weaned. However, some babies will take whatever nipple they get used to and some babies do not mind at all, especially when they're hungry. If you're unsure as to what your baby's feeding style is, choose the slow or medium flow rate bottle and retain it if the baby's comfortable with it. You may need to experiment and observe which flow works best for your baby. Take note that some fast-flow nipples can cause tummy troubles for the little one.

As for the nipple shape, choose wide-base nipples if you're alternating bottle feeding and breastfeeding at the same time. However, if you're only bottle feeding, a narrow bottle nipple will do. Nowadays, clear nipples are also preferred to the the dark-colored latex nipples in the past. Clear silicone bottles do not pick up that foul-smelling odor after use and they do not carry the potential allergy associated with latex.

Glass vs Plastic

Recently, there has been an issue on plastic bottles containing certain chemicals that are dangerous to the newborn's health. You can choose to purchase BPA-free plastic bottles or if possible, do not place plastic bottles in a microwave and hand wash them as much as possible. Throw away scratched or cloudy polycarbonate bottles, too.

Bottle Shapes and Vents

Bottles with an angled shape are appropriate for babies that tend to get fussy after meals; these bottles aid in preventing too much air from entering the baby's mouth and in turn, tummy. Bottles with open air vent systems can also help prevent colic.

Bottle Sizes

In choosing the appropriate bottle size, consider buying 8-ounce bottles from the start. Although newborns can get away with 4-ounce bottles, they require more food per feeding quickly. You can start filling 8-ounce bottles right in the middle and gradually fill them to the brim over the weeks. Choose bottles with easy-to-read measurements as well.

There is no such thing as the best product when it comes to baby bottles and nipples. Each product has its own purpose and each baby has his own preference. You might want to determine which of them works best for your child's needs.

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