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How to Check and Write Emails More Efficiently


With any business, emails are the way most work-at-home moms communicate throughout the day. More and more workers communicate with clients, talk to team members, talk to accountants, and even outsource work through the Internet. Whether it's MS Outlook or a hosted program, there are some ways to optimize your email writing to help with overall time management and make your electronic mail more effective.


One of the key ways to speed up mass emails is a template. With a little planning, you may be able to pre-write most of your emails, leaving spaces for personalization where you can fill these out and send them very quickly. Templating also provides for less potential spelling and grammar errors. Templates can be stored in MS Word documents were even in the drafts section of your email program.

Use Spell Check and Related Tools

You may be "old-school" when it comes to email, but if you are still looking over your emails one by one and painstakingly taking out missed letters and misspellings, you're wasting time. A computer can do a spell check a lot faster. Just hit the spell check button and review any mistakes, and get that email on its way to its recipient.

Migrating Text

The "migration" of data happens when you put it from one program into another. In this case, you may want to put your text into a program like MS Word or some other word processing environment in order to do more extensive spell checks and grammar checks quickly. When you're done proofreading, you can just cut and paste the text into your email.

Finding Time

One major point in creating the best and most effective emails is writing your emails free of distractions. If there is a particularly hectic part of your day, schedule emails for another time, i.e. early in the morning, when you will be able to focus on your message and get your words out effectively.

Signatures and Special Features

Another way to really ramp up email production is to make use of the signature fields provided by many email programs. Here, you can add your name, a favorite quote, and even an electronic signature, all with the push of a button. These special features are a way to make your emails carry more weight even while you take less time to create them.

It might not seem like much, but dressing up your emails can make them that much more powerful in a business environment. If you're stressed out by email responsibilities or feel like your outgoing mail just doesn't look that great, take advantage of some of the above points to break through your rut and get more effective communications out to promote your business.

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