How to Build a Google AdSense Website


Building a Google AdSense website can help you bring in passive income through affiliate marketing. All you need to begin earning money immediately is a domain name and some time - usually less than an hour - to dedicate towards setting up the website.

Step 1: Get a Domain

You might already have your own website, which would be convenient - if you do not, you will need to purchase some web hosting from somewhere like Webs or GoDaddy and set up your website. Both of these website hosting services offer premade and customizable templates, so you don't need any HTML knowledge to build a nice looking site.

Step 2: Sign Up with Google AdSense

Once you have a website ready, you can sign up with Google AdSense. If you already have an account with Google through GMail or some other service, you may use that as a login, but you will still need to sign up for an AdSense account. Google's website will guide you through this process. Once you have signed up, you may begin choosing ads to run on your site.

Step 3: Choose Keywords

The ads you run should relate to the content which is published on your website. If your website is related to skin care, for example, you may want to choose commonly searched keywords and phrases like "skin care," "skin consulting," "how to get rid of acne," etc. Through Google AdSense, you will be able to see how often these types of phrases are searched and how much you can expect to make per click. Take the most popular and lucrative keywords, and ensure that they are worked into your web copy on the pages on which the ads will be published. Google will sense the keywords and automatically run ideal ads.

Step 4: Run Ads

Aftr you've chosen the ads you want to run, you need to decide in what format you want them to appear. Studies have shown that the most effective advertisements are 4x1 horizontal banners at the top of a webpage. 2x3 blocks work well, also. After choosing the format, Google will supply you with the HTML code, which you may copy and paste into your webpages.

Step 5: Capture Web Traffic

Advertisements are most effective when you have a large number of people visiting your page (and therefore clicking on your ads). To make your website as popular as it can be, and therefore generate as much income as possible, you will need to optimize it for search engines and ensure that the content is worth a visitor's time. A helpful guide to search engine optimization may be found here.

You shouldn't expect to retire on the proceeds earned from a Google Adsense website, but it can still be an easy source of pocket change. Since it takes less than an hour to begin running ads on your site, there's no reason not to start earning money with affiliate marketing.

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