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How to Begin the Single Parent Adoption Process


Single parent adoption is a process by which many single individuals can become parents. Until recent years, single individuals seeking information about adoption would have been turned away from agencies based on their marital status. However, now that single individuals are granted adoptive rights, an increasing number of single people are becoming parents. With both reputable and non-reputable adoption agencies and a multitude of papers to fill out, how can you begin the single parent adoption process?

Step 1: Make an Informed Decision

Perhaps the hardest, or easiest, part of the adoption process is making a concrete decision regarding adoption. Unlike a toy, hobby or other disposable item, you are considering adopting a child--a living human being that will depend on you for everything. Before beginning the adoption process, make sure you are ready for such a tremendous responsibility. The next decision you need to make is whether to use an adoption agency or work privately with the child's birth parents.

Step 2: Consider Cost Requirements

With agency fees, country fees, traveling fees and additional costs associated with adoption, the adoption process is expensive. From the moment you begin considering adoption, you should establish a savings account strictly for the adoption process, in which you will add money to each month. Single individuals that are seeking adoption privately through a child's birth parents will likely negotiate a price with the birth parents, which might include room and board throughout the pregnancy, a food allowance during the pregnancy, pregnancy related healthcare costs and other costs that the birth parents may acquire during the pregnancy, including legal fees for the attorney's work.

Step 3: Select an Agency or Birth Mother

Working with an educated and experienced adoption agency can make the adoption process proceed at a less stressful pace, with more absolute results. When you have questions, you can ask your case worker for assistance. The adoption agency should be reputable and experienced in facilitating single parent adoptions. Thoroughly check the agency's previous history and if possible, ask prior families how their experience was with the agency. Single individuals that wish to adopt a child privately, through the birth parents, will need to sit down and speak directly with the birth parents.

Step 4: Legal Criteria

When adopting a child, you should be prepared to meet a tremendous amount of legal criteria. While some countries allow single parent adoptions, a few even favoring single parent homes for some children, not all countries will allow single individuals to adopt. On your application, you can select certain characteristics you would prefer in a child, such as gender, age, ethnicity, etc. For single individuals choosing private adoption, you would need to meet with the birth mother who will generally make the final decision among applicants.

Be prepared to provide social security numbers, employment history and salary information in addition to a significant amount of personal history on yourself and your family. If you are not considering using an adoption agency, educate yourself on the legal requirements of independent or private adoption by asking an attorney who specializes in adoptions.

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