How to Become an SEO Consultant


A SEO consultant helps businesses and individuals to create websites that attract the attention of search engines like Yahoo, Bing and Google. Because getting traffic from search engines is such an important part of getting noticed online, SEO consultants are important marketing consultants for any business.

Learning about SEO Marketing

Before becoming an SEO consultant, it's vital to find out as much as you can about search engine marketing and to get some experience in the field. Writing articles and other copy that is optimized for search engines can give you a feel for this particular type of writing. You need to research the importance of keywords, as well as the proper placement of those keywords, in order to attract the maximum attention from search engines. Keyword density is another important concept to understand in order to be picked up by search engines for specific keywords, and in order to avoid spam filters.

Getting SEO Experience

When finding SEO consulting clients, you will need to have examples of your work online that clients can see before hiring you. There are Web content websites that allow anyone to post articles, and these are easy to use as online samples of your SEO skills. An alternative is to start your own website that highlights your skills. It should be stocked with several SEO writing samples, as well as an outline of your experience in the field. Include links to some of your SEO work that has been published online.

Finding SEO Clients

If you have a website devoted to your SEO consulting services, this alone will bring in some clients. They will find your website through search engines or word of mouth and will contact you about your services. However, it can take time to get a good search engine ranking and to be found by potential clients. In the meantime, there are many other ways to find clients who need SEO consulting.

Bidding sites for freelancers have hundreds, often thousands, of SEO projects that freelance SEO consultants can bid for. After winning the bid, you may do a one-time project or you may become a long-term consultant to the business. These sites can provide you with clients for as long as you choose to use them, and are often the sole income of SEO consultants.

Another way to find clients is to buy ads for your services. This can be done through AdSense or other pay-per-click ad services, or you can approach websites directly to advertise with them. Marketing sites that cater to website owners are particularly good places to advertise. Another option is to pay for sponsored blog posts on blogs that are read by small business owners, web designers and online business owners. These posts may include a simple explanation of your services, or it may be a review of your work. These sponsored posts can bring in SEO consulting clients over a long period of time, because they are left on the blog and can be found through search engines, as well as through the blog's regular readership.

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