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How to Become a Surrogate Mother


To become a surrogate mother, the first step is to learn about the surrogacy process. First, you need to understand what becoming a surrogate mother really is. Surrogacy is the process of carrying a baby to term for someone else. That is the simplified version and can mean you carry a child that is not at all yours biologically or that you carry a child that may be biologically yours but is intended to be parented by someone else. The process of surrogacy includes:

Health Assessment

Before you even consider becoming a surrogate mother, you will need to have a clean bill of health. You should have no medical issues, no emotional or mental health issues, and you should not be taking any medications. Programs that facilitate the surrogacy process will typically conduct their own assessments before you are considered. Your body will become a host to new life so it should be as healthy as possible.

Choosing an Agency

There are many programs to choose from that can match you with potential parents and who will guide you through the process. It's important to feel comfortable with the agency you decide to work with as every aspect of surrogacy should be handled professionally. There will be medical procedures that must performed accurately and with no human errors.

Coverage of All Legal Issues

You should choose an agency with a strong reputation. This will ensure that all legalities are covered appropriately for you and for the prospective parents.

Utilizing Support Systems

It will be important to have the necessary support for any medical and emotional issues that may come up for you. It's also important to plan for how you will approach your own family with the news of becoming a surrogate mom.

Making the decision to carry a child for someone else is noble, sometimes scary, gratifying and the ultimate gift. You should understand every aspect before proceeding.

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