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How to Become a Mystery Shopper


If you are serious about working from home to supplement your family's income, then consider becoming a mystery shopper. You already know how to shop, what kind of customer service you expect, and you like the idea of getting paid to do these things. So what is the best way to find secret shopper jobs? 

Step 1: Find Legitimate Companies Hiring Mystery Shoppers

Find several potential companies that hire mystery shoppers and read comments and reviews about them. Avoid any company that asks you to pay them a fee for their service. As an employer, they should be paying you, not the other way around! 

Step 2: Sign Up for Secret Shopper Jobs

Once you've located several companies you like, fill out their online application. You don't need any prior experience to be a mystery customer. In fact, you probably have plenty of experience shopping and dining out. The additional skills you need to be an effective mystery shopper are good observation skills, attention to detail, the ability to follow directions precisely and the ability to convey your experience in grammatically correct English. 

Step 3: Check Your Email For Secret Shopper Job Offers

You will need a home computer and internet access. Because many secret shopper jobs are first-come, first-served, check your email frequently in order to have a good selection of local jobs to choose from. Also, some companies want your reports via email, so a computer with internet access is a necessity. 

Step 4: Go Shopping!

As with any job, the more experience you acquire, the better paying job offers you receive. The same is true with mystery shopping. The first jobs you get may be simple and may not pay much. However, treat them like they are your dream job and fulfill the requirements flawlessly. Also, be available for last-minute shops that another mystery shopper had to cancel. These things will make you a valuable asset to the company and they may remember you for future, better secret shopper jobs that come along. 

Step 5: Submit Your Report

Taking notes about the secret shopping job as soon as possible afterwards is a good trick to remembering all the pertinent details. When you submit your report, be certain you include all the information that was required. Proofread your report for errors, and make sure your writing is clear and concise. 

Secret shopper jobs may allow you to purchase items you need or want for free. Or, you may get to go out to dinner with your spouse and pay the babysitter. All it takes is for you to find several legitimate companies online, sign up for their service and then check your email for secret shopper job offers. Accept the jobs you want and carefully follow the directions for the shop. If you can pay close attention to detail and convey your experience accurately in a report, you can expect to get more and better offers for secret shopper jobs as your experience increases.

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