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How to Be Productive With Kids in the House


As a work at home mom, one of the biggest challenges that you will face is how to be productive with kids in the house. Here are some tips to help you keep your children entertained so that you can get some work done.

Know Your Limits

Before you try to cram everything that you can into a single day, take a step back and be realistic about how much work you really can get done. While you can easily spend a few hours working during their naptime, it isn't realistic to believe that you can get a solid block of time in each day. Therefore, you should save yourself the frustration of trying to book too much work each day. You are probably going to need to do most of your work while your children are asleep. 

Get Your Child Involved In Your Work

Preschool children love to imitate their parents. This is something that you can easily use to your advantage whenever you need to get any work done. Give your child a small desk next to yours with some quiet toys or a play computer. Whenever you need to do a half hour of work, have your child sit at their desk and do some work too. In this way, your child will feel as though he is involved, and you may even be able to get more work done than you originally expected.

Build Together

Small children don't focus on a lot of things, but they will focus on building with blocks. Even children that are only 18 months old will spend a lot of time playing with blocks if you let them. You can easily use this to your advantage by creating a play space near your desk with their blocks on it. This is a great way to allow your child to feel as though he is right there with you while you're getting your work done.

Watch an Educational DVD

There are a lot of educational videos available today that will hold your child's attention while you get some work done.  These videos are great for children of all ages, even babies. However, they are especially great for you, as they can be quite a life saver whenever you need to talk to a client on the phone or give your full attention to a project that you are working on. Of course, you will want to limit your child's television time to only an hour a day, but as long as you don't think of these videos as a babysitter, they can be a great asset.

While it can be challenging to work at home with your children around, some of these activities for kids should allow you to be more productive. There is a fine line of balance that must be met here in order to ensure that everyone is getting their needs met.

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