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How Technology is Helping More People Work at Home

With the available technology today, working at home is easier than ever. It helps you stay in touch, work on files collaboratively and conference with clients, bosses or co-workers easily. Smart phones, file sharing devices and web cams enable you to accomplish tasks no matter where you are.
A woman sits on a cloud with a laptop.

In today’s world, working from home is easier than ever with all the technology available to help you stay in touch with co-workers, bosses and clients. Whether it’s the Internet or the phone, the advances in technology make it easy to conduct business day in and day out. No longer are messengers needed to deliver files with the ability to connect directly to the main office network over the Internet from home. Web conferencing and cell phones have made the LAN line virtually nonexistent in some places and allow communication to take place anywhere, at any time.

Cell Phone
The cell phone has been a huge advancement over the traditional LAN line, and today it’s all about the smartphone. Not only can you make calls, but you can check email and search the Internet while on the go. However, bosses and clients may think that they should be able to get in touch with you all day and perhaps into the night. The typical office hours may not exist when you have a cell phone.

The Internet
The World Wide Web has come a long way since it was first introduced in 1990. The Internet existed, but only provided screens full of text. The World Wide Web changed the Internet’s appearance and made it possible for pictures and sound to be displayed.

The World Wide Web has easily become the most powerful communication tool we have ever known. The Web changes the way we talk to each other, buy, sell, teach, learn, inform, agree, disagree, meet, love, share, collaborate and work.

Internet connections have made communicating with colleagues and business associates easier with email. Sharing documents is quick and easy and we can even talk to each other over a free web based application, Skype.

Telecommuters or those who work at home can access the company network via the Internet. Documents, files, notes and more can be shared through the network or by using a free office suite such as Google Docs. Documents can be shared over the Internet, changes saved and colleagues can even chat live online via the Google Drive. This cloud storage, file sharing and collaborative editing services saves a ton of time, energy and resources.

Skype was released in 2003 as the first free software application that allows users to talk to anyone in the world for free over the Internet. Also free are video chats (you just need a webcam), instant messaging and file sharing.

Whether it’s a local or international call, it’s always free with Skype. The only thing users need is an Internet connection and a microphone on their computer. This saves telecommuters money on their phone bills, and allows workers to be included in an office meeting from home using their Webcam for video conferencing – all for free.

So if you’re proposing a telecommuting or work at home option with your boss, tell them that a Stanford University study actually showed that working from home raises productivity by 19 percent.

To make the telecommuting job work for you, just make sure the right technology is in place and good communication routines are established between your home office and your company’s office so that you are still in the loop. With the technology available today, there is no excuse not to.

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