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How Successful Moms Balance Work and Family


Work at home moms have to fight to balance work and family. It's not an easy task, and even with practice, it doesn't always get easier because each day brings a new challenge. Though it may be difficult, successful work at home moms should work to attain a balance between work and family (that works best for their situation).


Leave Work at Work and Home at Home


Working moms get to leave the office each day, with a clear cut line between work and home. Work at home moms don't get to do this because the work is always there, and so are the children. If possible, setup an office somewhere in the home so you can close the door and be done with work for the day. Try not to go back into the office until it is time to work again the next day. If this is not possible, at least turn the computer off until you are ready to resume work the following day (so as to avoid temptation).


Set a Schedule/Routine


Schedules will help with a work life balance because it will give structure to the day. Sticking to the schedule itself should be a priority, but as things happen to put kinks in the schedule, a routine is more important than the actual timing.


For instance, plan to wake up at least an hour before the rest of the family to take care of email and other simple tasks. After the family wakes up, make breakfast, clean up and spend some time with the children until they are occupied enough for you to slip away back to work. Some mothers are only able to work during naps and when the children are in bed for the night, while others are completely comfortable with alternating a work task with a family task. What matters is the routine is easy for you to stick to, easy for the children to stick to, and it helps balance work and family.


Don't Overload Your Schedule

Too often work at home moms think they can do more than humanly possible in one day as they strive to be "Super Mom" with an immaculately clean home and a big fat paycheck. Most of the time, moms will either have one or the other, unless they plan to meet somewhere in the middle. Recognize limitations and break everything into smaller chunks to make it easier to handle. On days you have errands to run, don't expect to get as much paid work done.


Share the Load


If there is a spouse or significant other in the home, or if there is an older child in the home, take advantage. Get some help with the household chores and other obligations so time can be used more wisely when it comes to paying work. This way, paying work will be done, the housework will not require as much time, and free time can be spent enjoying the family.


When it comes to balancing work and family as a work at home mom, there are going to be days better balanced than others. The important thing is to continue striving for a routine that works, never stressing over the days with little or no balance. Each day is a new beginning!

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