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How Parenting Boys Is Different Than Girls


Due to the varying characteristics between genders, it is easy to say that parenting boys is different than girls. It is in their nature to act differently depending on their gender. It should be noted that not every boy and girl will vary greatly, nor will they fit into the norms of a gender. It would be stereotypical to assume your child will behave in a certain way solely because he/she is a boy or girl.

The Difference in Their Play

The nature of the genders often creates a big difference between parenting boys versus girls. Boys tend to be always on the go, keeping themselves moving and busy. They love to run around and play. They like noisy, flashy toys, such as automobiles with lights and sirens. They sometimes have the tendency to be a bit destructive in their play, though it is primarily accidental.

Parents may have to supervise boys more because of their unintended carelessness. Girls, on the other hand, generally prefer quieter play. They have an innate need to take care of others, and do so by playing with dolls and pets. They offer soft condolences and monologues when talking to their toys, opposite of the way boys often communicate during play.

Talking Variations between the Genders

Communicating with your child will generally be different whether you are parenting a boy or a girl. Girls tend to learn how to talk sooner, which may be what leads them to want to speak more often. They enjoy conversations with their parents, and typically go into detail with their stories and answers. Boys, however, usually prefer not to say as much. They do not require as much detail as girls, and typically answer questions in 1-2 words, just enough to get the point across. They can begin to get annoyed if the parent insists on conversing with them. This is probably due to their busy nature, and their dismay at sitting down to have a conversation when they could be up moving around. 

Self Esteem Differences in Boys and Girls

The way a child views himself/herself can vary greatly between a boy and girl. Girls tend to develop self esteem issues much earlier than boys, which may require parents to take notice and comfort their daughter about her worries as early as age 5. Parenting boys typically requires less pep talks. If boys do experience a dip in self confidence, it usually is not apparent under the beginning of puberty. Because they typically have less problems with themselves, boys are easier to reason with.

Though it cannot be accurately determined which sex is easier to raise, parenting boys will always differ from parenting girls. Even if children do not completely fall into the stereotypes of their gender, they will still differ in some ways from each other. For this reason, it is important that you not treat them the same way in some situations. Discipline, play and communication should always be altered to fit the child you are directly dealing with.

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