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How Kids Can Help You When You Work from Home

Balancing your day-to-day work with a kid at home? Try this helpful guide on how kids can help you while you work from home.
Mom and daughter working with laptop and a book.

Maybe the sitter got stuck in traffic. Or perhaps your kid is too sick to go to school—but not ill enough to create chaos while you work from home. Thing is, you still need to get work done. There are ways to get your child to help you while you work from home without plopping him in front of the TV for hours on end. Here’s an age-by-age guide on how your kids can help you when you work from home.

Ages 5-8

If you thought your first grader couldn’t be a mini office worker, think again. Your child can easily help you sort through all the junk in your junk drawer, matching together tape, staples, and pens. She can even help you open that never-ending pile of mail and file all of those expense reports in color-coded folders, too!

Ages 9-14

At this stage, your child is probably somewhat interested in your job—and what you do all day. Give her an insider preview by showing her what your job entails, and how working from home gives you that much-needed work-life balance, too. Some office-related tasks that she can complete include shredding all unnecessary papers or printing out your big project. With the proper instruction, she can probably help you straighten out your office space, too—just in time for your Skype meeting!

Ages 15-18

Getting your testy teenager to help you might be a bit tricky. But if he finally does agree, he can help big time by doing tasks that require a higher level of maturity—and a driver’s license. For example, he can drive to the post office and mail those important packages for you (or even pick up his little sister from cheerleading practice if your conversation with your boss runs over schedule). If he’s up for it, he can even answer phones for you and greet clients as well.

While it might initially seem like an inconvenience to have your child home with you while you work remotely, you can always have him help you out. Even doing a task or two can help put a big dent in your workload—and help you score some quality time with your kid, too.

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