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How a Credit Card Affiliate Program Works


In simple terms, using a credit card affiliate program is a way to earn money by introducing perspective clients to credit cards. This is done by means of allowing advertising on your personal website, or even devoting an entire website to the promotion of those credit cards.


Of all affiliate marketing programs available on the web, credit card affiliation is one of the more lucrative. Profits are made in proportion to how many people are redirected from your website to the one where they can sign up for a new credit card. Profit varies according to many factors, including what sort of business a directed client performs once leaving your site.

Some credit card companies pay as much as $300 to the affiliate responsible for new clients applying and receiving cards, although $25 to $75 is the norm. Some offer smaller payouts just for a filled-out credit card application, whether or not the applicant is accepted.

Tools Provided

Quality credit card affiliate programs provide you with all the tools you need to start commercial traffic on your website. They distribute graphics and recording tools to tracks all the movement on the site. More desirable credit card affiliate programs do not require a joining fee, thought most will charge a small fee until a certain number of credit card sign-ups have been accomplished. Many boast no minimum quota, though most do require a certain amount of money to be accrued, say $25, before the money is paid out. They simply send an accrued commission back to you if your website was the starting point for the credit card sign-up.

Individualization Means Greater Returns

The programs don't just link to the basic credit card companies (a Visa, a Discover, a MasterCard, etc.). Instead, these big names are the bedrock of a card customized to a client's individual needs: cards for bad credit, cards allowing credit transfer or cards with frequent flyer mileage. There are hundreds of credit cards available, waiting to be matched with appropriate applicants. It is the affiliate's job to expedite the meeting. With this in mind, it is wise to consider the kind of person who frequents your website when choosing which program will yield you the most returns. A travel blog would be well paired with a program that offers clients an opportunity for flier miles. A shopping site could link to cards emphasizing reward points.

How to become a Credit Card Affiliate

There are many sites to help a beginning businesswoman forge a profitable affiliation with credit card companies. Sites such as and are eager to help customers set up the connections that, hopefully, will prove profitable to all parties.

There is no technical knowledge required; just the willingness to promote the credit cards on your site.

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