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How a Children's Chore Chart Promotes Good Business Ethics


The children's chore chart is a great tool for families to use in teaching accountability and responsibility, while encouraging commitment and contribution. These are all factors which can be used to determine good character, which is one of the foundations of good business ethics. The chore chart can be used to demonstrate how to manage the various household tasks that must be accomplished in order for the family to operate efficiently. Basic business ethics standards include accountability and structure, which are also part of the chore chart system.

Teaching Accountability

Responsible people generally think ahead, set goals and do what is necessary to "get the job done." These are all factors that good business ethics require in order to succeed in any kind of job or company. The chore chart can make it possible for kids to see how important their contributions are and serve as a tracking device for them.

Enforcing Structure

Parents should be very clear about the kind of behavior that is expected from their children, and a chore chart can assist with this. Not only will this help in running the entire household, but children can adopt what is learned into basic character structure for use later in life. The chore chart includes assigned tasks for the child to complete which can be monitored by parents, the child and the entire family. As each child performs the tasks expected of them, the satisfaction of accountability is then readily apparent. As accountability is a key component in business ethics, learning this behavior early can be very beneficial for children.

Time Management Development

Using a children's chore chart makes it easier to teach kids about time management and structure, which are also key elements in business ethics. Businesses depend upon workers who understand how to complete assigned tasks that enable the company to run efficiently. The chore chart is a stepping stone for children to understand how basic structure effects teamwork and time management, two other important components in business ethics.

Advocating Ethical Character

The children's chore chart assists in the development of ethical decision-making, which is also part of the basis of honorable behavior in business. The character development of children involves decisions to participate as part of a family by contributing. The chore chart can help teach the core universal values of good business ethics that also define the qualities of a competent person, such as respect, trustworthiness, responsibility and citizenship. Ethical character is moral strength, which each child should be encouraged to develop from a very young age.

Team Work

Good team work is essential in any family and the chore chart can help to enourage it. Team work is also an essential component of any company. Good business ethics strategies can also be learned by teaching about effective citizenship by encouraging children to do their fair share to help the family and make it a great living experience. Team work strategies also teach children how to cooperate with others, obey rules and laws and respect the authority of parents and other key people in their lives.

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