Homemade Gourmet: A WAHM's Guide


Homemade Gourmet is a company that provides the ingredients, recipes and instructions to enable consumers to make fast gourmet meals from home. It offers meals that take 30 minutes or less to prepare as well as 4-minute meals. Home sales representatives sell these ingredients and recipes to people who want to be able to make homemade meals from scratch in little time.


Homemade Gourmet offers sales training to new sales representatives as well as incentives and rewards for hitting specific sales figures. Salespeople also get discounts on their own food from the company. The standard discount for salespeople is 35 percent off the retail price.

To start as a consultant, new salespeople purchase the starter kit. This $39 kit includes a number of mixes that salespeople can use to promote their sales. It also includes sales supplies like order forms, a DVD, a workbook, product catalogs and three months of webpage hosting for a product sales webpage. Salespeople also get an email newsletter service and an eGathering area for sending out online invitations for gatherings.

To become activated as a sales consultant, new members must place an initial order of at least $400 in retail sales. Larger initial orders can earn new salespeople other incentives, such as a free product kit or free logoed merchandise. To join the company as a consultant, new salespeople can contact a local representative, call the company directly or email for more information.


According to Homemade Gourmet, the average income for sales representatives for each gathering that they hold is $85. There is no set number of gatherings that a salesperson has to hold. Salespeople can work part time or full time, depending on the number of gatherings they want to organize and run.


With more gatherings comes more money, but a large number of gatherings makes it necessary to have a large pool of potential customers to invite. People in small towns may not be able to sustain large numbers of sales gatherings because of the smaller client pool.

The products sold through the company are primarily sold through home parties. The other ways to sell the products include attending craft fairs to market the items toward the target demographic and taking the food items to farmer's markets and selling them at a booth or counter. New salespeople, called Consultants by the company, can get a 50 percent discount on their own items if they sell at least $800 worth of products the first time they place an order with the company.

Is It for You?

The flexibility of a Homemade Gourmet business makes it possible to create a part-time business that is run on the weekends or after work. For moms who want to run a full-time business, there is the potential to create enough sales channels through Homemade Gourmet to do so.


There is a yearly convention that brings representatives from all over the U.S. together. By applying as a Consultant during the convention, salespeople can get a lower registration price and extra, in-person sales training.


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