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Home Office Furniture for Small Spaces


If you work from home, it is important to have the appropriate home office furniture to fit your space. In many instances, finding the perfect home office furniture can be challenging, especially if your office space is limited. With these tips and solutions for home office furniture, you can take the challenge out of creating your dream home office in a small space.

Mobile Laptop Desk

One of the best solutions to finding a computer workstation for a small space is to use a mobile laptop desk. These workstations are usually built on locking wheels or casters so that you can take your work with you throughout your home. They also typically have storage compartments, shelves or drawers for organizing necessary equipment, tools, files or other home office accessories. A mobile laptop desk is the perfect example of cheap office furniture that maintains high quality, portability and functionality.

A mobile laptop desk is especially useful if you have small children at home and need to be able to move your work around with them. It is also an excellent solution if you do not have a permanent home office. You may need to use space in the dining room, den or kitchen corner for work depending on your family's needs and schedule.

Storage Solutions

Finding the appropriate office storage solutions for your small space can be difficult. However, there are many attractive, contemporary and affordable storage solutions available today that remedy this problem.

  • Bookcase divider: If you want to to utilize the form and function of a traditional office bookcase in your small space, try using it as a storage solution and room divider. Use it as a partition between your office space and living space, or use it to section off work stations in your home office.
  • Modular shelving: This storage solution not only helps with organization in small spaces, but also adds personality. Modular shelving is one of the most popular trends in living spaces and home offices. These shelving systems often include racks, pegs, cubes and linear shelves that are easy to assemble and allow for flexibility in arrangement.
  • Utilize your filing cabinets: Increase the functionality of your filing cabinet by using it as a printer stand, or use two filing cabinets as the base for a computer workstation. Also, move two or three filing cabinets together, and then attach a small bookcase or shelving unit to the top of the filing cabinet. This will not only allow you to utilize the filing cabinet for storage, but also create additional storage by utilizing your vertical space.



Lighting is often one of the lowest priorities on the home office furniture list. However, proper lighting is essential to a good work environment, especially for small spaces that can feel cramped and dark. For the best lighting environment for your small home office, consider the following:

  • Desk lamp: A good work lamp or desk lamp is essential for any small home office. Many desk lamps use a clamp to attach to a desk shelf, or side of the desk, so that they do not take up any work space. Your desk lamp should not only be adjustable in position to accommodate your chair height, but also be adjustable in brightness to accommodate outside lighting and specific projects.
  • Plug-in track lighting: This is the perfect solution to stylish lighting that saves space in a small home office. Many people love the look and functionality of track lighting, but do not want to deal with the hassle of complex installation. Plug-in track lighting provides excellent work lighting, and is easy to install. It simply attaches to your ceiling, and then plugs into an electrical outlet.


Finding home office furniture for small spaces is easy if you consider these ideas. When you are designing and decorating home office, look to these tips for solutions to computer work stations, storage and lighting.

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