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Old Fashioned Crafts: Colonial Friendship Pillows

By Brenda Hyde In Colonial times women made Friendship Quilts with their friends and family members.

On My Own

By Sherri Caldwell They say misery loves company. I wouldn't say I'm miserable, but I do find myself

One Less Road Runner

By Sherri Caldwell Driving out from Tucson toward the Arizona-Mexico border, it's desert country. We

Never Mix Business & Friendship

By Terri Seymour I have heard it said on the net that you should not become friends with people with

New & Confused?

by Traci Daugherty If you are new to scrapbooking, you're probably overwhelmed! Scrapbooking has become

New Ways to Use Old Christmas Cards

by LeAnn R. Ralph Forty years ago when I was growing up on our dairy farm in Wisconsin, my mother always

My Own Private O.J. Incident

By Sherri Caldwell (A reference in honor, I think, of having just read, and obviously still under the

Mommy Time Outs

by Alyice Edrich Do you feel tired, beaten and worn down? Maybe you need a time out... Have you ever

Mom on a Mission

By Cheryl Gochnauer [email protected] Copyright 2001 Do you ever feel like queen of your castle?

Marriage, Divorce, and Kids

by Mark Brandenburg MA, CPCC It's been said that one of the problems that married couples have today

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