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A repeat c-section is often encouraged by doctors and nurse practitioners. The repeat procedure is condoned

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Before you make a decision about whether or not to get a vasectomy, make sure you are educated about the pros and cons.

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Experiencing pains after childbirth? Check out these signs to know when it's time to get medical attention.

4 Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss Tips

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Medications during Pregnancy: What Is Safe and What Isn't?

Having to take medication during pregnancy is often inevitable. But what's safe and what's not?

3 Types of Bullying that Your Child May Encounter

Although bullying has always been a concern that parents have for their children, the advent of the Internet

Pacifiers and Newborns: The Pros and Cons

Learn about the major pros and cons of pacifiers and newborns and why there is so much controversy.

4 Alternatives If Your Baby Has Formula Allergies

One of the biggest challenges that new mothers and parents deal with are milk or baby formula allergies.

Hand vs. Electric Breast Pumps: Which Should You Use?

The choice between a hand pump and an electric breast pump is a tough one for mothers who have never

How to Stop Night Terrors in Toddlers

Is that a night terror or nightmare your child is having? See how to tell the difference.

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