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A good businesswoman possesses positive qualities that help her propel to success. Businesswomen are

4 Challenges of Raising Mixed-Race Children

Raising mixed race children can be challenging, as the kids struggle to understand the cultures of both

You are Pregnant: What to Tell the Insurance Company

How do you tell your insurance company that you are pregnant? When do you tell them? And what information

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6 Situations when Separation is Better than Divorce

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Step Parents Legal Rights: What You Need to Know

Step parents legal rights over a child that is not theirs biologically depends on the legal proceeding

7 Ideas For Managing Kids' Chores

You probably know that chores are good for kids--but how do you give them chores without creating a headache for yourself?

Kids' Chores for Every Age

Kids are often capable of more than we give them credit for.

The Facts About Measles & Vaccinations

A contracted measles virus can cause at the least pneumonia, and at the worst death by brain infection.

Get Your Party Started in an Instant with Hasbro!

Want to start an instant party, anywhere, anytime? Check out Hasbro's Pass & Party line which includes party games like Catch Phrase Decades, Taboo Buzz'd and Trivial Pursuit Hints.

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