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Car Safety Essentials for Toddlers

There are many times when we take our toddlers out for a short drive and do not follow all the car safety

Car Safety Essentials for Preschoolers

While much attention is paid to ensuring safe automobile travel for infants, as children get older, safety

8 Dietary Tips to Boost the Immune System during Flu Season

The flu is on everyone's minds lately. You know about the importance of hand washing and sneezing into

How to Protect Your Teen from Internet Predators

Children surfing the net may look like a day to day scene in most of the households today, but what most

4 Study Strategies that Can Help a Child with ADHD

If you are the parent of a child with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), you know that

5 Signs Your Child May Have a Learning Disability

As parents, we always hope our children will never have to face struggles or problems, in school or anywhere

6 Features to Look for in a Music Teacher for Children

Music lessons are a rite of passage for many children, whether the lessons are in voice, piano or another

4 Learning Activities for Your Preschooler

Learning activities are very important for early childhood development. These activities help children

4 Tips to Stop Bed-Wetting

It can be very difficult to get a child to stop bed wetting, especially when they reach the age of 7

Simple Toilet Training Strategies

Toilet training--it's a milestone every mom looks forward to. No more diapers, no more messy accidents.

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