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The best way to get your fair share of child custody is to reach an agreement with your ex out-of-court.

How to File for Child Support

Child support is a policy in which the payment for the financial support and upbringing of a child has

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Potty training can be a lengthy process, and one of the last hurdles to overcome is bedwetting. Remedies

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Chore charts are a great way to organize household responsibilities, while teaching children about the

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The children's chore chart is a great tool for families to use in teaching accountability and responsibility,

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While nicer weather is often ideal, any time of year is a great time to start many kinds of family workout

How Parenting Today Is Different than When We Were Kids

Parenting today doesn't resemble anything like when we were kids. That's not to say that parents in the

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Parenting infants can seem like an impossible task for new parents - especially when they have more than

4 Mistakes to Avoid When Parenting Teenagers

When it comes to parenting teenagers, many parents become apprehensive. They enjoy being a mother or

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