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Home Business Ideas: Rubber Stamp Business


People start a home business for a variety of reasons. Some want to spend quality time with their family. Others have been laid off in the current economic downturn. Yet others want to try something on their own. Staring your own home business is easy; sustaining it and making it profitable, however, requires a lot of planning from the initial stage itself. One easy business that you can start from home is the rubber stamp business. This does not require much money initially and gives a decent return on investment. Try your hand at this first and expand later into other businesses as well.

Initial Investment

To start the rubber stamp business from home you will need supplies that cost at least $500. You will find that purchasing $1,000 worth of material is cheaper in the long term. Apart from this you need money to advertise your services and living expenses until your business venture starts to pay off. Budget for all these at the inception of your enterprise.

Shipping Expenses

Negotiate with a good shipping company for a discount rate to ship all your rubber stamps. This will save you money, especially if you plan to sell individual stamps via the Internet.

Stationery Shops

Stationery shops stock rubber stamps for both home and office use. Arrange to retail your products through stationery shops in your neighborhood. This is a good marketing strategy and you are bound to get plenty of orders through them. Offer them commission if need be. It is money well spent.

Use the Net

Use the Net to your advantage. Have a website for rubber stamps where your clients and potential customers can design their own stamps. Explain clearly the costs and time frame for delivering a complete set of rubber stamps.

Ready to Use Stamps

Create and sell ready to use stamps for children. These can have animal or flower logos and will be a hit with children and parents alike. This will also open doors for business orders from the parents.

Advertise your business both online and in your neighborhood. Consider advertising in your local paper or put up a poster at your local stationery store. You can also hold rubber stamp parties for children to let everyone know that you are in this business. Once you get a customer, provide great service so that they become a repeat customer. They will also spread the good word around about your high quality and great service. This will, in turn, get you more customers. Any business is only as good as the service being offered, so ensure quality service and a great product. Ensure that you use good quality material that make the rubber stamps last long. The engravings too should be of good quality and come out clearly. Learn the art first, before you start your business. By keeping these tips in mind you will soon be able to have a profitable rubber stamp business running out of your home.

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