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Home Business Ideas: Personal Financial Planner


If you possess comprehensive knowledge of the money market, shrewd financial planning skills, a perceptive business sense and enjoy helping others sort out their investment portfolio, being a personal financial planner is a rewarding home business option that helps you fine tune your financial and people skills. Here's how you can start a profitable venture as a personal financial planner.


Financial Planners provide expert money market analysis and help individuals make astute financial investment decisions for maximum benefit. The challenging profile of a financial planner includes researching and gathering information about the investment market, analyzing the available information and economic trends, and most importantly making judicious recommendations on the best investment options for the client.

Those with MBA degrees and a professional experience, as designated financial planners or analysts, definitely have an edge when they go solo and launch their own personal financial planning venture. However, home workers with impressive interpersonal skills and a flair for numbers also have a good chance of striking gold in the financial planning arena.

How to Start

Before becoming a full-fledged Personal Financial Planner, acquire thorough knowledge of tax laws, insurance policies, investment options, retirement policies and real estate investments to prudently guide your customers. You may want to start with a course on financial planning, and even bag a few certifications before making your business fully operational.

Start with a small home office that is equipped with the necessary infrastructure, and network with individuals to inform them about your foray into personal finance planning. Each of us, at some point or the other, requires proficient financial guidance, and networking among your social and professional circle will ensure that people are aware of your new venture. Start with a few close friends initially, and chalk out their short term and long term financial goals. Assess the requirements of the individuals and the resources that are available to them for investing. Identity the most sensible options, and toy with multiple return streams to build a wholesome investment portfolio for your client.

If you want to diversify and add to your revenue, you can even consider offering allied financial services like selling insurance and providing tax assistance. It really depends on how much you're willing to push yourself and the value you want to offer your customers.

Finding Your Customers

Independent personal financial planners very often have to find their clients themselves, and invest a large chunk of their time in sales calling and implementing aggressive self- marketing plans. One of the best ways to target customers is to have free seminars and lectures in your neighborhood, and invite potential clients through social contacts and professional acquaintances. This is a surefire platform to market your knowledge and skills to an eager audience looking for professional and top notch investment information. Placing classifieds advertisements in local newspapers is also a great idea for bagging clients in the vicinity, and then rapidly expanding through references and recommendations. Don't forget to ultize the Internet, and create a website (where the appropriate keywords are used), and join social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Personal financial planners enjoy lucrative profits and fulfilling interpersonal business relationships, while having their own finances completely in alignment with current market forces.

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