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Home Business Ideas: Credit Consultant


A slow economy is one of the best times to take on the mantle of a credit consultant and launch a flourishing credit consulting business. There is an increasing need to salvage people out of difficult financial situations, and offer them professional guidance and expert advice on managing their debt and finances.


Credit Consultancy is an extremely low cost home business opportunity that does not rely on a heavy capital to sustain and can be exploited to the hilt in the scenario of the current crash in America's credit market. One of the greatest advantages of the business is that it is an enduring enterprise and has the potential to survive as long as the credit and currency market exist. The business profile includes a range of credit counseling activities including:

  • helping clients chalk out a pragmatic spending pattern
  • drafting a plan on how your clients can pay off their debts reasonably 
  • tips on how to preclude falling into the debt trap in the future

The business is not a very profit intensive venture, but will help you make decent money and can be extremely fulfilling in terms of helping your clients lead a better life.


A good course in credit counseling can be slightly expensive, but it is well worth it to educate yourself in this highly sensitive and specialized field. Though there are short courses and online tutorials on becoming expert credit consultants, it is best to take an extensive online or college course that comprehensively covers all relevant modules. Add-on courses, like investment portfolio management, accounting and taxation and insurance, can also flatter your profile. You will be required to apply for an accreditation from the Council in Accreditation by paying $300 for the test and study material.

Earning Potential

While this isn't the field you should consider if you're looking to make a lot of money, experienced consultants can earn in the range of $500-$800 or more a day. It is important to note that credit consultants deal with clients who are in deep debt and hence may not be able to afford very high fees. It is best to keep your charges extremely affordable in the beginning to establish a goodwill in the market.


A newspaper advertisement near the jobs section is a good idea to catch the attention of potential customers. Other good places to promote your business are posters outside employment bureaus, small hoardings in your neighborhood, pamphlets distributed in newspapers and conducting free seminars on debt management in your town. Flyers and posters in business districts, that are visited by several people during peak hours, is also a good idea to market your services. Coffee shops and internet cafes are other places that can be exploited to spread the word about your consulting services.

You can also network amongst your social and professional circle and take references from them.

Internet Marketing

The Internet is another powerful resource for advertising your credit consultancy venture. Set up a blog or website listing your services, and drive traffic to your site through SEO, advertising programs, article marketing, Web 2.0 marketing and exchanging links.

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