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Home Business Ideas: Aerobics Instructor


Whether you're a work at home mom looking to expand into a side business or a freelancer or self-employed individual who wants to grow a business from scratch, you might be interested in becoming an independent aerobics instructor. This kind of business is ideal for people who believe in fitness and wellness goals, have some experience in the health and wellness practices, and want to build their own business model, all while helping local clients improve their overall health and body capacity. A few basic ideas can help you grow your aerobics instructor business from the ground up.

Get in Shape

The plain fact is that in order to attract clients and promote yourself as an authority on fitness, you'll need to improve your own body capacity as much as possible. Investing in your own fitness gives you a twofold advantage: being able to present a fit, toned result, showing that you can handle the challenges of personal fitness programs. It also has an inherent promotional affect for your business. As a bonus, being physically fit will give you more energy to direct the programs and classes you will offer to clients.

Get Credentials

In the beginning, when you're seeking to start up your aerobics instructor business, you may already have a degree in kinesiology, sports medicine or a related field. If not, you'll want to look into any quick credentials that can help you become a more legitimate authority on health and wellness. Blend appropriate qualifications with some experience "in the trenches" at a local gym, and you'll be well poised to develop your own side business in training for personal fitness.

Read up and Buy Training Materials

One thing that's really going to help is to have your own fitness library in your home office. You can use these books to fine tune your aerobic training techniques and even lend them to clients as necessary. Making this initial investment can give your business a better chance of success.

Networking and Promotions

In addition to putting out visually appealing business cards or producing brochures (or other "company literature"), you'll want to get your name out there by participating in public promotions. One idea is to begin as a paid trainer at a local gym; if networking with local gyms isn't an option, you can also look at cultivating connections at local hospitals and doctor's offices, where physicians and medical staff routinely point patients toward skilled aerobics instructors and other fitness experts. For another way to effectively get your business visibility, think about setting up education kiosks at public events, from regional fairs to local business expos.

Running Your Business

In the beginning, you'll be building your client base by any means necessary. Think about how to make specific clients "an offer they can't refuse" in order to get some initial names on your roster. You'll also want to think about how you can manage business loss or gain to turn a profit. For example, you might find that by cutting down on overhead, you can offer your clients low per-session rates that will bring them back for more or get them referring family and friends. You may find that it makes sense to include "per diem" charges for transportation when visiting  a client's home. All of this is part of being in the driver's seat, and it's critical for your aerobics instructor business that you be focused not just on the results, but on the money as well.

All of the above points will help you create the business that you want if you're looking to get involved in the community as an expert aerobics instructor.

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