Home Business Idea: Stylist


With hairstyling and beauty enhancement jobs now hitting the market, it is no wonder that the home business idea of being a stylist is considered interesting and profitable by numerous individuals. A home business hair stylist is certainly an exciting and fulfilling responsibility. Feeling good about oneself and looking good are considered to be prime needs of people, and therefore, a stylist is a lucrative business idea.


There are several services a home-based hair stylist can offer. You can even offer a number of these services in a package. The most basic services expected from a home-based hair stylist are haircuts, hair trimming and hair styling. Highlights and weaving are also provided. Hair services also include hair and scalp treatments, relaxing, rebonding and perming, shampoo and conditioning, hot oil treatment and curling, reconstructing and permanent waving.

Although your primary focus is on hair services, you may also include services for the nails such as manicure and pedicure, skin care services such as facials, and sales of professional hair and beauty products. Selling top-of-the-line products will give you the chance to keep your customers constantly in the loop.


Since the business is primarily home-based, the requirements are less than putting up a hair and beauty salon business establishment. You no longer have to worry about the space since you can run the business from your own home.  You can convert your own residence to an instant parlor. Investment of time is also important. 

You also need to spend quite a reasonable amount of your capital on salon equipment.  The most essential salon equipment for a home-based hair styling business include a styling chair, haircut scissors, a hair blower, hair curlers, supply trolleys, hair steaming machines and shampoo spray machines. The equipment you need to invest in may vary according to the services you offer. 

You may also need to invest on some licensing and professional fees. If you intend to sell some hair and beauty products, you also need to allocate a portion of your capital to the purchase of initial stocks.


The most evident advantage of a home-based business is convenience. You no longer have to travel and go out of your own residence to report for work and to earn. Plus, a home-based hair styling business will certainly not bore you to death, since you will have the chance to meet and interact with people (unlike other home-based businesses where you only have to face your own computer unit). 

With a home-based business, you also get to be more flexible and free regarding your time. You can set your own work schedule, and you do not need to worry about office intrigues. You also have more control over your salary, as you can name your own prices when you are working for yourself (as long as they're compatible with industry standards). You can choose how often you'd like to work.

Advertising and Finding Clients

Advertising can be done online through social networking sites or online posts and classified ads. Distributing pamphlets in the neighborhood is another advertising strategy. It should list your services, availability, location and contact details. Making your services known through word of mouth is also an effective way of finding prospective clients and jobs.

When you deliver great service, your customer base will increase through referrals. You can encourage your clients to make referrals by developing a rewards program for them.

Creating a Salon Inside Your Home

You will not need a lot of space in your home, but you will want it to be clean and comfortable for your clients. If you expect to make appointments back to back, you will also need a place for customers to wait while you work. The basic equipment you will need to start your salon will be an adjustable chair and a sink for washing and rinsing hair.

This should help get you started on your journey to becoming an at-home stylist. Have fun and enjoy the ride!

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