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Home Business Idea: Digital Photo Editing


If you have the right tools and set of skills, then you just might be well-equipped to venture into digital photo editing. All you need is some software and basic know-how. Of course, it helps if you have the passion and drive to actually make it work. Almost all photographs now are taken digitally and transferred electronically. This puts you at an advantage since you can do all business and transactions from home, provided you have a stable Internet connection and a personal computer. Here is a basic idea of how you can jumpstart your digital photo editing business.

Tools You Need

Before you start, you must assess the tools you have so you get a clear idea of what your business capabilities will be. Have you had experience with graphics design, and do you have a superfast computer? Then, you might be able to get clients from advertising who need massive touch-ups on high-resolution images. If your skills are not at a professional level, but you have a working knowledge in manipulating photographs, there's still a market for you.

If you're just after offering the basics, then look around for programs that are apt for your services. If you're simply going to be cropping and resizing, then Microsoft Picture Manager might be enough. If you want to be able to add more fun graphics and do simple designs, you might experiment with online programs such as Splashup. If you think you need a step above that, then think of investing and purchasing a simple program, such as Ulead PhotoImpact. If you want full-feature professional software, then Adobe Photoshop is a good investment.

Digital Photo Editing Services You Can Offer

You can market yourself as an "image doctor", able to manipulate and enhance photographs. You can do simple color corrections on photographs, brighten dark ones, darken overexposed photos, crop and resize, put simple effects like black and white, and more.

If you have more Photoshop skills, then you can offer more in the way of graphics enhancements. You can charge for cropping out elements, changing backgrounds, putting more professional-looking effects such as High Dynamic Range renderings, and more. You might also consider offering photo restoration services to repair old photos that are ripped or water damaged. As an added bonus to clients, you might consider offering photo management services, wherein you'll sort and organize their pictures.

Since you're a work-from-home mom possibly competing with professional graphic designers, keep in mind that your rates and perks should be attractive.

How to Get Started

As with any business, getting started is a challenge. Business will always be slow as you try to get clients and regulars. Hang around photography forums and get to know the market well. You might want to consider advertising from the get-go. A good way to show off your services is to advertise before and after shots, and to showcase your skills and abilities. Tell all your friends and relatives about your new business, and hopefully tapping these existing contacts can lead you to new ones.

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