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How to Deduct Restaurant Expenses

As a business owner, the IRS allows you to deduct a percentage of restaurant expenses as a tax reduction.

The Ins and Outs of Writing Off Debt

Writing off debt is an event that has a huge effect in the profit and loss account of any business. Several

How to Write Off Debts for Your Home Business

It's important to know how to write off debts if you own a small business and you have debts you can't

How to Avoid a Small Business Write Off Audit

A small business write off should be done in the right manner so that you're not left to deal with audit

Small Business Tax Deductions: Depreciation Explained

Depreciation is one of the major contributors to small business tax deductions. It is the annual reduction

How to Get a Car Donation Tax Write-Off

A car donation tax write-off is the biggest reason for you to donate your car to charity instead of choosing

How to Claim the Child Tax Credit

How to claim child tax credit is simple. The more qualifying children there are, the more you will save

Child Tax Credit Eligibility: How to Know If You Qualify

Family tax benefits exist for families with dependent children to ease the costs associated with raising

How to Know If You Qualify for the Federal Adoption Tax Credit

Adoption is subsidized as a federal adoption tax credit by the U.S. government. In fact, these family

2 Benefits of the Federal Adoption Tax Credit

Child adoption expenses can be reduced through the Federal Adoption Tax Credit. Adoptive parents are

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