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Home-Based Jobs for Creative Moms


Home based jobs allow moms to work from home while caring for their children and residence. Recently, more and more companies have been seeking freelance or telecommute workers to fill open positions, and more and more moms have been setting up at-home businesses to sell their skills and abilities. For the creative mom, finding a home-based job can be quite simple if she knows where to look and how to sell herself.


With a little advertising and planning, simple, basic sewing skills can be used to make a huge income. Children's clothing, baby gifts and other easy designs are customizable in fabrics and trim that can make each piece unique. Often, a single pattern for a dress or bag can create hundreds of different designs. If you can sew, consider what you sew best and purchase an inexpensive, basic pattern. At first, choose five or six different fabrics and trims to offer customers, but also be open to finding other fabrics should a customer dislike your selection. Advertise your "unique goods" in schools, daycares and exercise classes, and you will soon have more customers than you can handle.


Writing is a talent, not a skill. Many people in professional, academic and business positions are able to formulate ideas, but not properly translate their ideas and explanations to paper. If you are able to write technical or creative documents, letters or papers, it is extremely easy to sell your skill. Work-at-home job websites often contain dozens if not hundreds of editing and writing jobs that are looking for temporary, contract or permanent employees. At first, search for and accept the lower paying, smaller jobs to build up a resume. After just a little experience, you may be surprised at the demand for your services.

Graphic Designers

Individuals trained and experienced in graphic design can pretty much choose from hundreds of online temporary, contract or permanent jobs. These jobs are always in demand and can build up to quite a nice yearly income. Again, searching work-at-home websites can generate many leads that, in just a short time, will equal a full-time position.

Childcare and Crafts

Only a mom understands how desperate parents can be to have free time. If you are an artsy person, consider having a bi-monthly class or parents night out events, where you can entertain the children with arts and crafts. Charging an hourly or per-child fee, plus the cost of the art supplies, will add up to a nice paycheck and fully cover your costs for supplies. If you find demand to be so high, you may invite younger teenagers to work as your assistants. You can pay these assistants a small fee or you can create a list of their names to hand out to the parents when they pick up their children, making your referral for babysitting jobs their payment.

Interior Design

Many women would love help with the interior design in their homes, but are unable to pay the fees normally charged by interior designers. If you have any experience with home decorating, even if that experience consists of constant compliments on your decorating, try offering yourself as a decorating consultant. Your fees as a consultant would be substantially lower than interior designers because you would not be searching for furniture, but instead only recommending what to look for to best outfit the space.

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