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Holiday Activities: Christmas Crafts for Kids


One of the best ways to create happy memories with your kids is to create some Christmas crafts with them. Try these ideas for some Christmas crafts for kids.

Hand Print Santa

Trace your child's hand, rounding the base by her wrist. Cut out the shape and turn it upside down. Glue cotton balls on the fingers to create Santa's beard, and glue another cotton ball at the tip of the thumb (this is the tip of Santa's hat). Your child can color in Santa's face and hat.

Christmas Count Down Chain

This old favorite stays fresh because of the fun of counting down the days until Christmas. Help your child cut 8-inch long by 1-inch wide strips of green and red paper, then tape or staple them into interconnecting rings. Hang the chain in your child's room and remind him to pull off one ring each day until Christmas arrives!

Strings of Popcorn

Another perennial favorite Christmas craft is stringing popcorn to create chains you can hang on your tree. Try using a quilting needle (it's not so sharp) with yarn, which tangles less easily than thread. An alternative is stringing cranberries. These create a beautiful red chain, but the downside is the expense.

Stringing popcorn or cranberries while watching a Christmas television show is a wonderful way to spend a cold December evening!

Reindeer Sandwiches

If it's getting close to lunchtime, why not try a craft you can eat? To make reindeer sandwiches, make a sandwich of any type that your child enjoys. Then, cut the sandwich diagonally, creating 4 triangle shapes. For each triangle, your child can put on raisin eyes, round-type pretzel antlers, and a maraschino cherry nose. Yum, yum!

Food for Santa and His Reindeer

On Christmas Eve, help your child make cookies for Santa (cut out sugar cookies are a great choice because of the decorating options) and "reindeer food" for his faithful fliers.

To make reindeer food, mix 1/4 cup quick oats, 1/4 cup sugar and a sprinkling of red or green sugar crystals. Your child can put this mixture into baby food jars and tie ribbon around the top.

Don't forget to help her write a note to Santa as well.

Wreath Crafts

There are several wreath craft options. As a base, take a paper plate and cut out the center. Trace your child's hand prints onto green and red construction paper and have him cut them out and glue them on the wreath base you have made. Add a bow at the top.

Another paper plate wreath option is to cut 1 inch squares of tissue paper in red and geen, have your child crumple them around the end of a pencil, and then glue them to the paper plate base.

Or, try making a thumbprint wreath. Using red and green ink, let your child stamp his thumb and make prints in a wreath shape (green for leaves, red for holly berries).

Christmas crafts make wonderful gifts for teachers, siblings and grandparents. They also make December more fun and add to kids' anticipation of December 25th. Merry Christmas!


Susan Braun is a freelance writer living with her husband, three daughters, 2 rabbits, 2 gerbils and hedgehog in Indiana.  She writes at and Associated Content.

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