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Gym Alternatives: Work Out DVDs, Videogames and More


If you're a work at home mom and you're looking for a few new ways to lose weight and become fit without leaving the house, there are a wide variety of work out DVDs and other options that can help you to achieve this goal. Finding a good set of gym alternatives can free up time in your schedule so that you have more time to dedicate to your work, your children, as well as any other tasks you need to accomplish throughout the day. Read on for a brief guide to a few of the best workout tools and gym alternatives for you.

Work Out DVDs

There are many different types of work out DVDs that are available and which can be done at home. Many of these DVDs require no additional equipment and minimal space, so they're perfect for an individual to do at home. Additionally, you can find workout DVDs that feature a wide variety of different types of aerobic workouts and other exercises to suit your preferences. Some of the most common workout DVDs include Tae-Bo, which is a group aerobics workout, and P90X, which combines multiple types of exercise into a single, complete regimen.

Workout DVDs can be purchased from standard video stores and rental agencies, and you can also find them online and in places where other workout equipment is sold as well. It's important to always stretch before and after you use a workout DVD at home, and go only at your own pace in order to achieve maximum fitness results while simultaneously avoiding injury.

Video Games

With the advent of the Wii and other types of interactive video game systems, the options for the work at home mom who wants to enjoy a fitness routine at home have increased tremendously. Nintendo and many other brands of video games have come out with machines that involve mild to intense aerobic exercise. Many Wii games involve sports and can be a great way to get exercise from the comfort of your own home. Another benefit of these tools is that they oftentimes can help you to monitor your progress and weight as you go. This makes it easier to chart how the video game has helped you to benefit your fitness and weight loss.

Home Workout Studios

By purchasing a few small tools and weights, you can turn a small area in your home into a workout studio that can help you to achieve all of your fitness goals. A set of free weights, including dumbbells and other related items, can be applied to a variety of different exercises. Consider also incorporating bodyweight exercises like pull ups, push ups, jumping rope and other related exercises for a great alternative to the gym.

For more information about gym alternatives and other ways to work out on your own, consult with a trainer or physician.

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