Guy and Eva: A WAHM Business Guide


The WAHM Business, Guy and Eva, is a home party jewelry business, which began as an Internet and specialty boutique company but morphed into direct sales. According to the company's website, this change in marketing came about due to high demand from people who wanted the opportunity to sell Guy and Eva goods. Guy and Eva is definitely a trendy company at the moment. Their jewelry is often spotted in fashion magazines such as InStyle, Glamour, Lucky, People and InTouch. As a Guy and Eva advisor, your job is to sell the company's jewelry either by direct sales to individuals or by hosting a jewelry party (or by having someone host a party for you).

Starting Out as a Guy and Eva Advisor

There are two options for starting out as a Guy and Eva advisor. You can opt for the $149 starter kit, which comes with $800 in preselected jewelry, a list of which is included when you sign-up online. Or, you can opt for the $199 kit, which allows you to select up to $800 in jewelry yourself from the product line, and you have a week to make your choices. With both kits, you can add additional pieces at a 50% discount. According to the forums, Daniel Choi, Guy and Eva's CEO will give you a personal call to discuss opportunities with his company once you sign up. Guy and Eva appears to be one of the few direct sales companies that gives you the opportunity to work directly with the CEO. The company offers customer service for your clients, comprehensive training and business systems to help you get going and stay going.

Compensation as a Guy and Eva Advisor

The company website states that you can make 30% commission on each sale and grow that to 50% commission as you expand your business. They offer a compensation plan, paid vacation and other bonuses, but there is no detailed information available online about these plans unless you begin the application process. You do receive your commissions immediately and you are not required to carry any stock. In addition, you have three different shipping options available for your clients: directly to the clients, to your Hostess, or to yourself so you can hand deliver for a personal touch. The company pays your Hostess rewards.

Thriving as a Guy and Eva Advisor

Guy and Eva offers three distinct career paths, depending upon what aspect of the business you enjoy most. The information about these career paths is not clearly delineated in the company's website, but it appears you can concentrate on direct sales to individuals, only hosting parties, or recruiting and training a team. Choosing your own career path could help you thrive with this company, as WAHMs prefer recruitment to selling or vice-versa.

Is It for You?

To be successful as a Guy and Eva advisor, you need to enjoy selling jewelry and helping other women look and feel their best. You should be comfortable with direct sales, at least until you can choose a different career path within the company. Finally, you should be able to afford one of the two startup kits.

Noteworthy Information

Guy and Eva jewelry has been spotted on celebrities like Paris Hilton, Aisha Taylor, Taylor Swift, Ashley Green and Eliza Dushku and was featured on an episode of Gossip Girl.

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