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Guidelines for Starting a Brand Strategy Consulting Business


Every business can benefit from brand strategy consulting. Building a brand identity helps to solidify marketing plans, which will help boost sales. If you're starting a brand strategy consulting business, you should be encouraged to know that your service is valuable and needed. Here are some guidelines to launch your business

Get a Business License?

You may or may not need to register your business and get a business license. It depends on what your state requires for consultants, and it depends on the name of your business. You typically don't need a business license if you use your legal name. For example, you may not need a business license if you name your company "Kim Jones Consulting". You may need to get one if you name it "Excellent Brand Consulting". Check with the state department that handles business licenses to see what they require, because the laws are different for each state.

Establish Business Goals

Before you get started, you need to establish goals for the next 12 months in every area of your business. These include:

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Finances
  • Operations
  • Employees or independent contractors

Once you've written down your goals for the year, write quarterly, monthly and weekly goals. Then write down your daily goals. This is a lot of goal-setting, but it's important if you want to keep up with your business. Otherwise, you can get absorbed in one area of the business and neglect the rest. It will also give you a road map that can help keep you accountable to yourself, and your family. As your business grows, you can revise or change your goals.

Business-to-Business Marketing

Your target market will most likely be other businesses. However, you may not be qualified or experienced to help every business formulate a brand identity. The best way to start consulting then is to choose a niche market. Look at your prior work and volunteer history to determine who you are willing and able to work with. When potential clients examine your credentials, they'll want some evidence that you know what you're doing. If you try to start by marketing to businesses that you have no experience working with, you'll find it hard to get work.

Write a Report

To compete with consulting firms, you'll need to brand yourself as an expert on brand identity. Writing a report that you can give to potential clients helps to showcase your expertise. You can write a report that's informative and insightful on how a business in your target market can best position their brand. You want to keep it general enough for them to seek your help, but you don't want to write fluff, either. If you don't feel confident in your own writing ability, you can a hire a freelancer on and similar websites to write the report for you. Offer it as a free download to visitors to your website, or as an incentive to sign up for your newsletter.

Once you've established your target market, you can find work sooner rather than later in brand strategy consulting, by bidding on sites where your target market is looking for consultants. Try websites like and other major job boards. You can bid on proposals that buyers submit to hire consultants. You'll have to bid often and bid low at first, until you become established.

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