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Guidelines for Choosing Child-Friendly Office Furniture


When you go about childproofing your home, don't forget your office furniture. Your little ones will most likely be in the same room with you a lot during the day when you work from home. If you're working from your home office, they're likely to explore the room the second you're not paying attention. You can minimize the risk of an accident or serious injury to your child, if you make your office furniture child-friendly.

Computer Desks that Lock

You can keep your children from grabbing scissors, staplers and other office supplies that can hurt them, by choosing office furniture with locks. You can buy child-proof locking desks that will lock up your tower, computer and drawers. This will protect your children and equipment from damage. Some desks will also have an area to lock your printer.

Safety Straps

Do you want a television in your home office for your children to watch DVDs? If so, you need to anchor them down with safety straps in order to make this a child-friendly choice. Children may knock an end table or television stand over, or reach to pull the television and easily drop it on their bodies, or worse, their heads. This can even happen with televisions on entertainment centers.

You should use safety straps on all electronics in the room, including VCRs, DVD players, stereos and computer monitors, to avoid them falling or being pulled off the shelf. Straps can hold in place appliances up to 100 pounds, and they'll make your office appliances sturdy and hard to move.

Stretchy Table Cushion

The traditional way of covering up the edges on your desk is using corner and edge guards. These stick on the corner edges of your desk so that your child's eyes and head are protected if they bump into it. A new invention that accomplishes the same thing, plus protects the desk top itself, is a stretchy table cushion frame. Corner and edge guards require sticky adhesive to hold the guards in place. The frame stretches across the entire desk without using adhesives, protecting your wooden desks and tables.

No-Tip Furniture Brackets

If you want to purchase bookcases and shelves for your office furniture, you'll need to have a supply of no-tip furniture brackets. A strap connects your office furniture to the wall so that it won't fall on your children if they climb or bump into it. You can even secure your hard drive if your children are crawling and you leave it stored it on the floor. The brackets are also easy to unhook if you need to move furniture around for cleaning or redecorating.

Surge Protector Covers

Do you use surge protectors to plug in your fax machine, office computer, printer and other electronics? You'll need surge protector covers as a barrier to keep curious children from playing with the plugs. These are easy to put on and are worth every penny when you consider what you're protecting against.

Follow these guidelines for choosing child-friendly office furniture, and you'll help to prevent injuries to your children and damage to your equipment. If you don't make the monetary investment up front, you could end up spending more money for health care or replacement costs.


Daphne Mallory, Esq. is the co-owner of Mallory Writing Services and has written more than 100 articles helping home based business owners and entrepreneurs start and market their business. You can learn more about her here.

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